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Blue & Green Daily: Wednesday 5 February headlines



Blue & Green Daily finds and summarises the top sustainability stories around the web every morning. We start with our own picks from Blue & Green Tomorrow.

McIntosh and Yeo’s deselections leave Tories in a worse place environmentally

Jeremy Grantham on investing, resource scarcity and climate change

Renewable energy suppliers back calls for more efficient switching

Tar sands pollutants ‘greatly underestimated’, says study

Peer-to-peer lending doubles in size £843m in 2013


5 February headlines

MPs: Cash payers are being ‘ripped off’ by energy firms

Energy companies have been accused of “ripping off” consumers who do not pay their bills by direct debit. Government figures show that those paying by cash or cheque typically pay £114 a year more than those who make an automatic payment. BBC.

Prince Charles shocked by ‘tragedy’ of flood failures on Somerset visit

The Prince of Wales has been drawn into the deepening controversy over the response of the government and the Environment Agency to the ongoing flooding crisis. He said, that it was a “tragedy” that “nothing happened for so long”. Guardian.

Fracking: Cuadrilla community benefits could be worth £6,000 per households

Families near Cuadrilla’s proposed fracking sites could be in line for benefits worth more than £6,000, with just 130 household expected to see the “lion’s share” of up to £800,000 promised to local communities, the company has disclosed. Telegraph.

Rivers run dry as claims of illegality surround Romania’s hydropower boom

Green tariffs are driving development in the Romania’s Southern Carpathian mountains. However, ecological and legal consequences now surround the country’s hydropower boom, which has quickly become a favoured form of investment. Guardian.


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