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Charity bank invites savers to Follow the Money and see its social impact first-hand



Charity Bank, an ethical bank which uses its savers’ money to make loans solely to charities and social enterprises, is inviting its savers and supporters to visit some of these organisations to see for themselves how their savings are being used for good.

Launched in support of Good Money Week, which runs from 18th-24th October, Charity Bank is hosting its own two-week Follow the Money programme.  From 19th to 28th October 2015, fifteen of Charity Bank’s borrowers across the UK will be opening their doors, welcoming interest in their work.

Patrick Crawford, chief executive of Charity Bank, says: “Money is an intrepid traveller, destined for diverse locations across the globe, invested in businesses and industries, some positive but others destructive. Its most unsavoury destinations are well documented: they include the illicit arms trade, gambling, tobacco, activities where workers are exploited or environments damaged.

“At Charity Bank, money has a moral compass. When guided by good intentions, it embarks on a journey to care for and protect people and our environment. This is an opportunity for our savers to see the good that they can do when they put their money where their values are.”

Each event is an opportunity to learn about what organisations are doing to address social issues and visitors will get a chance to talk to the people running charities, social enterprises and community organisations in their area, as well as meeting some of the people they support.

The programme of Follow the Money visits include:

– London – 22nd October, Hillside Clubhouse & Development Through Challenge, Caledonian Road

– Midlands & East – 21st October, Emmaus Village Carlton & Towcester Museum, Northampton

– North East – 20th October, EVA Women’s Aid & First Stop Darlington, Redcar & Darlington

– Northern Ireland – 19th October, Newry & Mourne Carers, Newry

– North West – 19th October, Barrowmore & Twinkle House, Chester

– Scotland – 28th October, Govan Workspace & Rotary Residential Care, Glasgow

– South East – 23rd October, Folkestone Sports Centre & Martha Trust, Kent

– South West – 28th October, St Vincent & St George’s & Hay Trust Fund, Cheltenham

Attendees do not have to be existing savers of Charity Bank. All those interested in attending an event can register here.