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spotify is great for green musicians spotify is great for green musicians


Eco-Friendly Musicians Can Benefit from Spotify Promotions

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People in many professions are adapting eco-friendlier practices. The music industry is no exception.

Many musicians are taking some major steps to embrace sustainability. Rolling Stone actually had a good article on this very topic. Here are some examples of artists that have embraced sustainability:

  • Dave Matthews launched the Bama Green Project. He partnered with Reverb, an environmental nonprofit. He has also started using a bus that uses biofuel and eats locally when on tour.
  • Adele regularly provides support to Drop4Drop, an environmental nonprofit that funds sustainable projects and clean water initiatives.
  • Perry Ferrell has been finding ways to host park concerns that don’t leave a carbon footprint and contributes to nonprofits that help clean up the parks.

You don’t have to be a famous musician to be eco-friendly, As an up-and-coming musician, you can do your part to help the planet as well.

One of the ways to do this is by choosing the a platform to promote your music that is committed to sustainability. Spotify is a great place for eco-friendly musicians to try out.

Spotify is the Ideal Platform for Musicians with a Focus on Sustainability

Hello, my fellow musician. How is your life going? How is your Spotify career?

You made the right choice joining Spotify if you are concerned about sustainability. Spotify started making some major changes to be greener back in 2018. It decommissioned six of its seven data centers by the middle of 2019 and finished the last by the end of the year.

Spotify now operates on a carbon neutral cloud, which has been a huge boon for the environment. Any artist that wants to demonstrate their commitment to the environment should be there.

Of course, sustainability is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration when using Spotify. You also have to make sure that you are using a platform that helps promote your career. Fortunately, Spotify does just that.

But is your Spotify career as good as you were hoping for it to be? Or you are struggling? Well, if you are reading this text, I am sure that your career isn’t going as strong as you were hoping. Now your career is like an organism, that has little vitamins, so you need an injection of fresh vitamins and power, some adrenaline, to start things going again. And as you have already guessed, Spotify promotions are these vitamins.

We are not here to sell you Spotify promotions in this text. that is not the goal of this post. However, I am just trying to tell people how the world works, so young, eco-friendly musicians won’t be misinformed and have misconceptions about the music industry. We all have dreams, and our imagination sometimes takes the wheel. And in those moments, we don’t see the world rationally, we see only what our imagination shows us. We may believe that we can have it all- showcasing our commitment to environmental sustainability and making huge profits from our art at the same time.

Did this happen to you? You wouldn’t be the first eco-friendly musician to fall into this situation.

You started creating music because you thought that it will be easy, and your music will become popular in a few weeks. But time has passed, and the popularity was still as far as it was at the beginning. You hoped that environmentalists would come to hear your work because you boasted about your commitment to the environment.

What have you done wrong? The truth is that you have done nothing wrong. This is just how the music industry works. The algorithms decide what people are listening to, and you can’t predict whether your track will be trapped in the labyrinth of those algorithms, whether it will be shown to people or forgotten you can’t know that. But you can influence that with Spotify promotion. Yes, yes, yes, it sounds like selling pitch, but believe me, it’s not. After you finish reading this text, you will not see any words that will ask you to buy or to pay for anything, so we are in the clear. 

We all love those algorithms, but we love them only as music listeners, not as creators. They are not so favorable and pleasant for music creators, because they simply have no soul, they don’t listen to music to determine whether it’s good or bad. They only look at the number of plays, likes, etc. Only mathematical parameters are of any importance to those algorithms. And creating better music won’t cut it. You need the mathematical approach. Ok, let’s imagine that you have already started promoting your music. Your tracks now have better parameters, so they are more visible for algorithms, and those machines now show your music to people. Users of Spotify start finally noticing it, listening to it, reacting to it, sending your music to their friends. That’s exactly what you want, that’s what you need. Maybe there are other ways that don’t require money to make your music more popular. But in general, those methods take weeks, months, or even years to perform, and the result isn’t always perfect or predictable in any way.

Spotify Promotions Are Key to Being an Eco-Friendly Musician

The music industry is going green. You need to embrace the right platforms if you want to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Spotify is one of the best eco-friendly solutions, since it uses the cloud. You can use Spotify promotions to thrive as an eco-friendly artist.