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Ethical IFA of the week: Green Financial Advice



There are plenty of independent financial advisers (IFAs) across the country who give advice on ethical, sustainable and responsible investment. Our job is to tell you about them.

Green Financial Advice is an independent financial advisory firm that primarily operates in pre- and post-retirement, wealth management and tax and estate planning.

Based in Putney, which was described by JC Geikie in his 1903 book, The Fascination of London, as “one of the pleasantest of the London suburbs”, the firm was founded by Ian Green – an adviser with nearly two decades of experience in financial services.

A client once described ‘doing what you can, where you can’ as a common sense approach and it’s that approach we bring to people’s investments”, Green told Blue & Green Tomorrow in an interview in December 2011.

We’re not suggesting you have to be entirely green in your approach, because it’s really hard to be entirely socially responsible in your lifestyle.

If you buy organic or fair trade food, it’s often in surplus packaging, even if you use your own bags to carry it home. We apply that approach to investing as well.

“We help clients to do what they can, where they can.”

To get in touch with Green Financial Advice about ethical investment, visit or email:

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