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Ethical retailer of the week: Bambu



Bambu makes kitchen and home products from sustainably-sourced and ecological materials that are both originally designed and kind to the planet.

Bambu was born in Portland, Oregon but soon moved to China, so that materials used by companies could be sourced locally and local communities could benefit from the activity of the business.

Bambu offers a wide range of kitchen and home tools, such as dinnerware, cooking items, but also accessorises like key rings, chopsticks, clothes-pegs and garden tools, many of which are compostable.

Products are made of sustainably-sourced, ecological and organic materials – such as organic bamboo – but elegantly presented with a unique original design. The company works with local craftsmen to create high quality durable products, always with a focus on the environment.

For us, sustainability goes well beyond the balance between what we take from the earth and what we return to it”, Bambu explains.

It’s a philosophy that applies to how we conduct ourselves as a business. We make strides to further our commitment to third party certification and testing, promote fair labour practices and safe working conditions, and green our supply chain. These efforts have been recognised by leading associations and trade groups.”

The company has in fact been awarded  recognition for its work, for instance the green business certification by Green America. It also has an ocean-themed products range whose profits are donated to the Seafood Watch program to promote sustainable fish.

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