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Ethical retailer of the week: Evolution



Evolution sells a wide range of goods, from furniture to accessorises, and has a strong focus on ethics and values.

As the retail arm of ethical business Windhorse, it defines itself as a “values driven business” that takes inspiration from Buddhism, focussing on kindness, generosity and honesty.

This means Evolution has a focus on making its products fair to customers, suppliers and the environment. Therefore, the company pays particular attention to fair wages and fair working conditions, as well as sustainability of raw materials – such as wood.

Evolution also pays back some of its profits to community projects and ensures that its products do not contain animal products.

Most of the profits that are not reinvested in the business go towards the Windhorse Trust’s projects in various countries. These include a project for disabled people in Bali, one for orphans with HIV in Thailand and one to improve maternal healthcare in rural Nepal.

Speaking to Blue & Green Tomorrow, the firm’s retail director Robyn Smith said, “Ethics are so important: they are what help us connect with others rather than just looking out for ourselves. 

“This wider perspective can help us realise that living beings, including our planet, deserve to be treated with honesty, kindness and generosity. Evolution is committed to this perspective.  The rest will grow from there.

On the environmental side, Evolution states it supports bike loan schemes in its office and works with the Carbon Trust to improve energy efficiency and improve renewable energy’s share. It also transports its stock via the sea, not in the air, and uses recycled materials for packaging and shopping wherever possible.