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Film review: More Than Honey (2012)



Over the last couple of decades bee colonies have collapsed, with regions across the world experiencing a 50% to 90% decline in local bee populations. More Than Honey Takes a look at the reasons why and asks what plummeting numbers of bees means for us.

The film notes that around 80% of plant species require bees to be pollinated. This means that if bee numbers fall even further, yields of fruit and vegetables could fall drastically. The documentary highlights that bees are indispensable to our economies and survival.

Many theories around why colony collapse disorder occurs have been raised, included pesticides, parasites, viruses, travelling stress and the multiplication of electromagnetic waves. Throughout the course of the film these theories are analysed, with the writers concluding that a combination of these factors have been responsible for weakening bees’ immune systems.

The breadth of More Than Honey, which looks at honeybee colonies in California, Switzerland, China and Australia, offers an insight into the impact of human activity on the wildfire and the consequence we will face ourselves if bees were to become extinct.

More Than Honey is beautifully filmed and is a must watch for all those concerned about the environment and our actions on the world us.

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