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Going Eco-friendly: Here’s Why You Should Use Reusable Freezer Bags

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There’s an ever-growing green movement everywhere. There’s a call to action to be more involved and to make even small lifestyle changes to make a difference in the health of the environment.

One of the environment’s enemies is plastic. Unfortunately, it’s hard to live without plastic, and it’s hard to get rid of it, especially since it’s used to store and keep your food fresh inside your fridge – freezer bags.

In the movement to do away with plastic, you may have to think of ways of replacing that ubiquitous freezer bag without compromising the quality of your food. One way of mitigating the harm of plastic is by using reusable freezer bags.

Here’s are the reasons why you should start using one:

Save Money While Saving The Environment

Using reusable freezer bags will make you leave a smaller carbon footprint and can keep your food costs down. Freezer bags can be expensive, but reusables will help you save hundreds of dollars in a five-year period. Reusable plastic bags have a lifespan of about five to ten years. If you use freezer bags more often, your savings will be by the thousands.

Take care of these reusable freezer bags, and it’ll last you a long time. Reusable freezer bags work just like ordinary ones and can be used to pack school lunches and store food in the fridge.

It’s A Biodegradable Plastic

Some manufacturers of reusable freezer bags use a plastic called PEVA. Technically, PEVA is a biodegradable plastic alternative.

PEVA is polyvinyl chloride and can replace PVC, which is carcinogenic. PEVA plastic has better resilience than your usual freezer bag and can withstand more intense temperatures.

Made From Silicone

Silicone is another material that’s being used as reusable freezer bags. Using silicone is convenient if you’re handling food that’s still hot and warm.

Silicone is a much healthier option than plastic because it does not release chemicals into the food even when in contact with heat. Silicone has been widely used in baking because of its toughness and ability to withstand heat without degrading.

By using reusable freezer bags made from silicone, you get to enjoy years of having fresh food in a sturdy container that won’t easily wear.

Reusable Storage Bags in the Freezer

When something is cold, it’s easier to break. This fact may be a concern if you’re using reusable freezer bags since you may think it may develop holes or cracks. However, the material used for reusable freezer bags – PEVA and silicone– is resilient to cold.

These materials can withstand reasonable extremes of hot and cold and can keep your food safe. It’ll take a deliberate effort to break these bags. Another good thing is that PEVA and silicone are non-toxic, which means that it’ll not be harming the food on your fridge in any way.

Recycling and Garbage Costs

It’s not a good habit to use a plastic bag and throw it away after one use. Plastic bags take a long time to degrade and one-use plastic bags have far-reaching effects. It takes 1,000 years for plastic bags to break down and even if they do, they’ll remain toxic to the environment.

Plastic Bags and Petroleum

Natural Gas and oil are non-renewable resources that are being consumed at a fast rate. These resources are used in the production of plastic bags.

Choosing to reuse plastic saves on resources as well as help protect the environment.

More Plastic Bags Means Increased Oil Prices

As mentioned, a lot of oil goes into the production of plastic bags. Millions of barrels of oil are consumed in the creation of plastic bags. Thus, less plastic bag usage means the potential for oil prices to be reduced.


There’s a clamor for changes in lifestyle to be more environmentally compliant. Shifting to using a reusable freezer bag can help you minimize waste. Plastic is the usual stuff that’s found on beaches and oceans, and it’s harming the planet.

Throwing something away after one use is a costly and wasteful habit. Using reusable materials means you’re doing your job helping the earth go green again.

Final Thoughts

The shift to using reusable freezer bags has many advantages, such as saving money and helping the planet. Now’s the time to take action and do away with the habit of using and throwing plastic away after one use.

Plastic alternatives are being sold in the market right now, and buying them is worth it in the end for current and future generations.


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