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Green Financial Advice (London) on National Ethical Investment Week 2013



With just over 9 weeks until this year’s National Ethical Investment Week (October 13-19), we’ll be catching up with a different financial adviser that specialises in ethical investment in the run-up to the event.

Next up is London-based Green Financial Advice. Ian Green, the firm’s founder, answers our questions.

What are you hoping for at this year’s National Ethical Investment Week?

Greater awareness for the public that ethical investing does not mean lower returns.

What did you get out of National Ethical Investment Week last year?

A warm fuzzy feeling that the message was slowly spreading and the fond hope my participation may have helped that in a small way.

How has ethical/responsible/sustainable/green investment changed in the past 12 months? What trends have you noticed?

Unfortunately a few of the bigger corporates scaling back offerings, but encouragingly niche companies bringing new funds to market.

Tell us something interesting about you or your firm that investors/clients might not already know.

I once descended over 1,000 feet in a day, in Central London, yet my feet never left the ground. How? At one point I was on the viewing level of the Shard, 802 feet up. Later in the day I was on deepest part of the Northern line tube, 220 feet underground: a drop of 1,022 feet in just a few hours.

Why should an investor seek ethical/sustainable/responsible financial advice from you?

We are a local, friendly, family owned and run firm. We run a sustainable business model that provides peace of mind for our clients. We are not fanatics about ethical investing. We take a common sense approach, doing what we can, where we can. And we are Green by name and green by nature. /