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It’s a no brainer that the world is overpopulated with garbage and unnecessary pollutants. We are also using up a lot of our planet’s natural resources that adds to the decline of mother Earth. It seems that every day there is something new in the news about it and how pollution is ruining the planet. It’s with things like eco-friendly gadgets that can help turn the world around and stop the progression of dangerous & toxic materials that are ruining the Earth. Now is a better time than ever to go green, even if it means exchanging a toxic item for something more eco-friendly, including anything you use for gardening.

Motor-Free Mowers

Instead of powering up that gas guzzling, fume emitting lawn mower, try your luck with a push reel mower instead. These are powered by your feet, as in walking. You don’t have to deal with gas, the engine, fumes, or pulling that ridiculous string to get it started. These push mowers are environmentally friendly and rather affordable, more so than a riding mower or most push mowers, and some models can last as long as 30 years if maintained well, according to These are also a lot quieter than regular mowers, reducing noise pollution. The other great thing about these eco-friendly mowers is that they give you a workout as well. So while you’re helping the planet by pushing these nifty mowers around, you’re also burning some serious calories.

Use Natural Weed Controllers

Weeds are a serious problem for many gardeners. The types of weeds that you need to deal with vary by region and they may be worse at some parts of the year than others. Unfortunately, most commercial weed killers can cause serious damage to other plants and may be harmful to ingest. They may also have a lot of carcinogens. Fortunately, there are some natural weed killers to look at.

Solar Powered Mowers

If you don’t like how the push-reel mowers work, a solar powered push mower would be an acceptable replacement. These work in the same way a solar panel on your house would. Solar powered mowers are powered by the sun. The rays from the sunlight charge the machine. On most models, all you have to do is remove the solar panel and place it in a location where it will receive sunlight. No gas or electricity is needed to run these mowers and they are just as quiet as the push-reel mowers. By using a solar powered mower, you are conserving energy, cutting down on your electric bill, and most importantly, conserving the planet’s resources.

Hand-Forged Hand Tools

Instead of using harmful chemicals and metals in these tools, they are made with recycled steel and ash wood from FSC certified sustained forests. These type of tools are all hand made with ergonomic ash wood. They are very environmentally friendly because instead of just tossing the metals, recycling it conserves natural resources. It does this by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and using less energy. The greenhouse effect is something that happens naturally in the Earth’s atmosphere. These gases act like insulation in that they prevent the heat from the sun from escaping. Unfortunately, there is more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere than there should be and it’s negatively affecting the Earth by increasing the risk of global warming, climate change, and Ozone & F-gases.

Electric Weed Eaters & Trimmers

A lot of people are making the switch to electric weed eaters and trimmers. The reason behind this is that you don’t have to worry about the gas emissions leaking into the air and into your body. These can be plugged in and charged so that you can use them whenever you want without having to go to the store for gas or oil. These are extremely lightweight and easier to use, which means less pain for you at the end of the day. They’re also friendly to the Earth because they aren’t giving off toxic fumes. Sure, you’ll use a little bit of electricity, but it’s coming from some resources that are natural. It sure beats using gas and oil.


Our planet Earth can only survive for so long with the way we are treating it. Every day, the more we use unnecessary natural resources, the more the Earth declines and the more junk we throw away instead of recycle, landfills overflow and spill into our oceans and rot into the ground. There is no better time than now to switch to eco-friendly gardening tools. They’re better for the Earth, our health, and the longevity of the human population. You can use tools that are made with recycled materials that can be recycled again, go solar, use machines without gas powered motors, and just keep toxic pollutants out of the air and soil.


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