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Green Software Ideas to Implement with an Offshore Development Team

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When companies decide to hire an offshore development team, they often do so because it is more cost-effective. But it could also be greener!

It is important to find more sustainable ways to create a software business. Data centers account for 8% of the world’s global carbon footprint, which means that it is important to develop software that uses digital resources efficiently. It is also essential to make sure the software is developed in the most energy-efficient way possible.

How to Hire an Offshore Development Team That is Green

Sustainability is a pressing issue for many companies. Green and environmentally sustainable companies can receive government benefits and are viewed more favorably than their competitors by the public. Software companies are among those concerned about sustainability.

A green company is any company that works actively towards reducing its carbon footprint, emissions, and energy consumption.

You may wonder how to hire offshore software developers that contribute to your sustainability goals.

Ask About Their Policies

When you hire offshore development team, ask the agencies about their policies regarding carbon emission offsets and electronic waste. Electronic waste disposal involves recycling or disposing of broken laptops, desktops, and company phones in a sustainable way. Most companies must write these off over time, but if they extend the product life by selling or refurbishing them, it’s much more sustainable. 

Offshoring Saves Emissions

Many offshoring companies allow staff to work from home. This is a lot more environmentally friendly because the team does not have to travel to an office building via a bus or a car, and there is no need for an office building that is heated/cooled and consumes energy. Parking spaces are also highly unsustainable because they contribute to urban heating; eliminating commutes reduces the need for large parking spaces.

Reduce Travel

Offshoring meetings, hiring, and contracting can comfortably be completed online. Having conference calls and paperless contracts can all contribute to a greener environment.

And It all Saves Money!

The good news is that this model is not just green – it saves money! A few ways offshoring can save you cash includes:

Less Administration

There is less management involvement because the client does not have to recruit, manage, train, or otherwise source staff for their project. The agency will handle payroll and benefits, equipment sourcing, licensing, setting up workstations, setting up work from home environments, and tech support.

Reduced Staff Costs

The most skilled staff can be hired offshore at low margins, without the costs associated with building an in-house team (legal, HR, onboarding, physical space, and equipment). The outstaffing agency will also carry the cost of taxes, operating costs, and more. Once the work is done, the staff can be downsized and released without severance or other payouts.

Background checks and CV verification is already completed, and there’s no need to pay for expensive vetting services and reviews.

How to Hire Offshore Development Teams to Work on Green Start-Up Ideas

Perhaps you would like to expand your brand into green software and wonder how you can hire an offshore development team to help you execute that idea. Maybe you want your software itself to become greener. Offshoring can help you!

The IT industry will account for 14% of the world’s carbon footprint, so coming up with more sustainable IT solutions is critically important.

Some of the most incredible examples of green open-source software projects include:

Eco Hacker Farm: This project supports sustainable communities by combining hack bases and permaculture living. They also have fantastic online software projects.

Open Climate Workbench: This company provides software to do climate modeling and evaluation with various applications.

Pangeo: Using open source and big data tools to enable research in the ocean, land, and climate in general. Big data can profoundly impact the world through available, scalable science.

Leaflet: An open-source JavaScript library that can be used for environmentally friendly projects and climate change research.

Mozilla Science Lab: This project is all about open-source research and enabling the scientific and IT community to work together to combat environmental challenges.

Do not ask yourself, “How can I save money and be greener?”

Ask, “How can I hire an offshore development team today?”

They can help you achieve your cost-saving and sustainability goals fast.