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Here’s How Colleges Can Become More Eco-Friendly

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The day to day activities of college students can make it challenging for them to cultivate eco-friendly practices. They have to balance work, college life, social life and other responsibilities they may have and thus may not get opportunities to research on or take part in eco-friendly projects. Living an eco-friendly life not only contributes to a better living environment but can also save you money and help you lead a healthier lifestyle. Below are some going green tips that every college can adopt to ensure they become more eco-friendly than they already are.


No doubt, students will use a lot of plastic food containers or plastic water bottles throughout the school year as well as other disposable products that are hazards to the environment. Colleges can help in recycling these items by providing recycling bins where students can throw their waste. The bins can be separated to have the organic and inorganic waste. Students can then go green recycling by throwing trash in these bins instead of throwing them recklessly. In some states, you can return cans and bottles in exchange for cash. If your state permits you to do so, encourage students to take advantage of such opportunities.

Use Less Paper and More Electronics

The less paper we use, the less trees we will cut and this has a positive effect on the environment. Colleges should take every opportunity to use electronics instead of paper. Instead of students taking their exam on paper, they can do it electronically where possible.

When taking notes in class, encourage students to use their mobile devices or laptops to take notes instead of using flash cards or notebooks. This not only contributes to a better environment but it also helps you save money you would use to buy books.

Create Special Campaigns for Students

One of the best ways to become eco-friendly is to teach students how to create an eco-friendly environment. All in the college can take part in opportunities such as cleaning the streets or tree planting among other activities. Colleges can also create opportunities for students to communicate with each other as well as with the management regarding creating an eco-friendly environment. Students will be educated by the management and they will also get ideas from other students on how to be more ecofriendly.

At times, you may not be able to take part in such activities due the assignments you have. There are online professional writing services where you can get an essay writer for hire to help you out with your assignments as you take care of other important things. You do not have to miss such wonderful and upbuilding opportunities due to your school work.

Avoid Use of Disposable items

To avoid a lot of wastage, use items that can be easily used again. An example is utensils. Instead of getting disposable utensils each time, you can use utensils that can be washed after use. This not only prevents wastage; it also enables you to save your money.

For items such as shopping bags, you can encourage students to get reusable shopping bags instead of plastic or paper bags.

Reduce Water Usage

The cleaning department at the college should be trained on how to be resourceful when using water to clean the premises. The college can also educate students on how to use water well to avoid wastage. Turning off the water as your brush your teeth and using less water in the shower can make a huge difference in the university as well as to the environment.

Encourage Alternative Transportation

Teach students how to be sustainable by encouraging students to cycle or walk if they are travelling short distances. If they are travelling long distances, encourage them to carpool. Limiting the number of vehicles that enter the college is one way to contribute to less pollution in the environment.


Whether we are extra busy or not, we can all contribute to an eco-friendly environment both in College and at home. Being aware of water and energy consumption and striving to be economical with these resources will not only contribute to an eco-friendly environment but will also save you a lot of money.

Socializing with other people with the same goals on living green will enable you to exchange new ideas on how to improve the environment and see how the present solutions can be improved further. If you are extremely busy, you can delegate some of your academic work in order to take part in important things such as these

Jeff Blaylock is a professional writer and editor. He is enthusiastic about making our environment better and helps others by giving advise on how to maintain an eco-friendly life. Jeff also loves to research on more effective methods to keep our environment clean.

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