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Introducing a Blue & Green friend: Which? Magazine



Each day we’re introducing one, two or three of our new affiliate friends. If you click through the link in this article, the link is tracked and may generate a small payment to us. Sometimes the payment is per click, per user, per application, per accepted application or any combination of the above. That payment funds us so we can grow and encourage even more readers to live, spend and invest sustainably. Today it’s the turn of Which? Magazine.

Which? has for many years been a well-known and trusted consumer champion. They offer a wide range of expert product reviews and advice to make it easier for consumer to make the right purchasing decision. They cover everything from technology to kitchen appliances through to cars.

At Which? they test more than 2,500 products every year. Their experience and expertise enables them to select the best approach to testing products and services, in a way that nobody else can. Every aspect of product performance and specification is examined from price, running costs, efficiency and reliability and because they’re 100% independent their reviews are always straight to the point and unbiased.

They offer a £1 trial of their magazine, app and site if you like it then it rolls into a monthly subscription.

Which? Magazine – What are people signing up for?

– 1 month trial of Which? for £1

Which? magazine delivered to your door

– Unlimited access to

– Free advice on the go from Which? member services

– Unlimited legal advice on consumer issues