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Kitchen Appliances of the Future: What Can We Expect?



Our world has been dramatically altered by technology – and our kitchen appliances make no exception to the rule. To that end, what could we expect in this respect? How is the realm of kitchen appliances due to change, and how will this help us with housekeeping? Let’s have a look, shall we?

The Self-Cleaning Oven

If there’s anything that we currently hate, it’s the fact that each time we cook a juicy steak, we’ll spiral into self-pity when we remember about all the grease that we have to clean.

Over time, manufacturers have been trying to come up with the perfect self-cleaning ovens. AccuBake, for instance, uses a SteaamClean technology that basically “steams” the grease away without using any harsh chemicals.

And since the world is all about improvement, we may have more efficient devices in our kitchen. Today’s self-cleaning ovens can only handle light splatters, but in the future, you will have squeaky clean ovens even after a cooking attempt that ended in a disaster.

Nanotechnology Counter

Don’t you just hate it when the countertop gets dirty every five seconds? Well, good news for future housewives: countertops will be able to clean themselves. Basically, the material used to build this countertop will repel water and other materials, using a nanostructured surface to “push” the dirt off the counter.

The counter will have a slight angle, and the gravitational/electrical forces will basically vacuum the contaminants into a specially designed compartment.

Self-Cleaning Floors

In order to clean today’s kitchen floors, we usually choose upright vacuum cleaners, since they do not take so much space (as opposed to the bulky, traditional vacuum cleaner). Furthermore, we also have “mini-robots” that will clean the floors for us while we are cooking – therefore, keeping everything neat.

In the future, however, we might have suction devices on the floor which will automatically vacuum the dirt away on-the-go so that your floors will always be clean.

Nano-Articulated Technology Fridge

Once more, don’t you just love it when your kitchen cleans itself? Especially the fridge, since it holds all the food and greasy stuff. These fridges will have a mind of their own, since they will have special sensors which will tell you when something is about to go bad.

These fridges will use hot steam that will clean the inside surface without using any chemicals. Furthermore, the nano-articulated technology will ‘vacuum’ the dirt and slide it into special containers, but will also push foods with a short life span on the front of the shelf so that you can consume them right away.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning the kitchen will be a breeze in the future – basically because you won’t have to do it yourself. These are some of the appliances that are due to boom in the foreseeable future! Nanotechnology will work to keep the dirt away, and most devices will work on incorporated vacuuming channels that will suction everything that should not be there. The only problem is that we might end up with a few extra kilos from too much relaxing.

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