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Every year Blue & Green Tomorrow produces a number of guides exploring a specific area, from investment and philanthropy to transport and tourism.

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1. The Guide to Sustainable Spending 2013 – What if we could continue to live comfortable lives and buy interesting and exciting products without damaging something or someone somewhere along the value chain? What if the ethical, sustainable or responsible were the default options? Read more.

2. The Guide to Sustainable Tourism 2013 – Over a billion people now cross international borders every year – 4,000% higher than the 25 million annual tourists in the 1950s. But all this comes at a cost. How we travel and where we travel to have lasting impacts – and not just in the form of photo albums and postcards. Read more.

3. The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2013 – Inside, you’ll find exclusive interviews with some of the sustainable investment industry’s key players – not just from the UK, but across Europe – as well as insight into some of the most popular investment strategies and funds and testimonies from a number of ethical investors. Read more.

4. The Guide to 2013/14 – 2013 will be remembered by those in the sustainability space for a number of reasons, perhaps none more so than the recent devastation in the Philippines, where Typhoon Haiyan tore through the country and sent shockwaves to other parts of the world. Read more.

5. The Guide to Ethical & Sustainable Financial Advice 2013 – There is a big gap between investor demand for ethical and sustainable investment and adviser knowledge on the subject. Because it’s not a requirement to do so, too few financial advisers offer clients such options. Read more.

6. The Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility 2013 – CSR reporting often gets ridiculed as an inadequate response to unsustainable business – an issue that was debated at a recent event in London (which is reviewed on page 6 of this guide). Michael Solomon, whose Responsible 100 project led the event, goes into detail on the subject on pages 8-11, describing how business must go from the bad outweighing the good, to the good outweighing the bad. Read more.

7. The Guide to Climate Change 2013 – As one of the defining issues not just of our generation, but of recent human history, manmade climate change represents a major threat to our way of life. Read more.

8. The Guide to Sustainable Banking 2012 Scandal after scandal in the mainstream banking world is, quite simply, not good enough. We have set out to present you with just a few of the better choices for your savings and day-to-day banking. With the five major banking groups controlling 85% of personal current accounts in the UK, there has to be an alternative. Read more.

9. The Guide to Limitless Clean Energy 2013 – This guide is a sales pitch – but not in the traditional advertising sense. It’s a sales pitch for better energy; for domestic energy; for safer energy; for more secure energy; for limitless clean energy. Read more.

10. The Guide to Ethical Funds 2013 – Whether your strategy is to exclude stocks that do harm (negative screening) or focus on reaping the greatest societal and environmental benefit (positive screening) through your investments, there is a fund for you. Read more.


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