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Meet the Blue & Green Tomorrow team: Charlotte Malone



With Sustainable September drawing closer, we thought we’d open a window into the world of Blue & Green Tomorrow.

Journalist Charlotte Malone tells us about her background, interest in sustainability and what the future might hold.

Tell us briefly about you background and your current role

I’ve always read anything and enjoyed writing and decided I wanted to work within media when I was at college. I went to the University of Lincoln to study media and journalism but dropped media after a few weeks when I decided that journalism was what I wanted a career in.

I graduated in 2010 and went on to complete an internship and work as a journalist in the finance and credit industry. I joined the Blue & Green Tomorrow team in September 2013 and enjoy the diversity of subjects I get to write about and speaking to the interesting people I am given an opportunity to interview.

Where does your interest in sustainability come from?

I’ve always been interested in sustainability, starting with the environment and conservation. However, before working at Blue & Green Tomorrow I think I had quite a limited view of sustainability and what it means. For instance, I had never considered the implications and consequences of what businesses my bank was lending to.

What’s your favourite sustainability story at the moment?

At the moment the fossil fuel divestment campaign stands out. Every week there seems to be a new university, pension fund or religious group that commits to cutting fossil fuels out of its portfolio and I think it clearly demonstrates the increasing pace and momentum that the sustainable and responsible investment markets are experiencing.

What one idea do you think could change the world for the better?

The idea that everyone can make a positive contribution to sustainability. I think people are often daunted by the scale of the problem and, as a result, think their actions won’t have an impact. I think changing this mentality is vital – taking small steps such as changing your bank or energy provider does have an positive impact.

What do you see of the future in term of sustainability, business and the environment?

Eventually I believe sustainability will become the norm – rather than applauding businesses for their incorporation of environmental, social and governance issues we will be frowning on those that don’t. Hopefully, the change will occur sooner rather than later and give the world an opportunity to keep the effects of climate change to manageable levels.

I need several cups of coffee (especially in the morning) to keep writing, please fell to donate towards a latte.

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