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Saving the Earth with sustainable cities: infographic analysis



For the first time ever, more people live in the world’s cities than in rural regions, and most population growth is occurring in urban areas. This trend points to the need for urban sustainability which uses green building practices and creative city planning to help reduce environmental damage.

Cities may seem to be a threat to the environment since they generate more than three-quarters of carbon emissions globally; however, the concentration of so many people and vehicles in one place may also offer a chance to solve problems, whether in transport systems, fuel economy or urban planning.

Existing cities have been evolving so as to accommodate more inhabitants with fewer carbon emissions. In China, where city dwellers now outnumber the rural populace, the government is pioneering some eco-cities such as Tianjin.

On the other side of the planet, the European commission is honoring ‘Green Capitals’ such as Nantes, France (2013) and Copenhagen, Denmark (2014) for pioneering ways to protect the environment amidst a thriving urban environment.’s infographic offers details on urban sustainability projects worldwide and how people are getting involved through their education and professional advancement.

Urban sustainability: Saving the earth with sustainable cities
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