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Super Simple Eco-Friendly Desk Cleaning Tips



I have found that many parents call themselves eco-friendly, but don’t live up to their claim. They often fail to set the right example for their kids.

Guardian author Madeleine Somerville has talked about this in her post on The Guardian. She states that many people are hypocrites about green living. They claim to be environmentalists, but don’t make the hard sacrifices to advance their goal.

You need to practice these principles as a parent. Your children are not going to follow a green lifestyle if they don’t see you practicing what you preach.

This comes into play when you need to help clean your kid’s desks or bedrooms. You should use the most environmentally friendly cleaning approaches. The benefits will be two-fold. You will be reducing your environmental footprint and encouraging your kids to do the same.

Environmentally Friendly Desk Cleaning Tips for Parents

Keeping a kid’s desk in order and clean is a challenge that probably every mother knows very well! Unfortunately, it is even harder if you are trying to clean it the eco-friendly way. However, being eco-friendly isn’t an excuse for not being green! Tree Hugger has a list of some great green cleaning tips. You can follow them when cleaning your kid’s desk as well.

Books, pencils and pens, exercise books, folders, computer, some unknown rubbish… Is it possible to clean it at all?!

Yes, it is. And below you will find several useful advice, that we get from beezzly Experts, to help you clean your son’s or daughter’s writing desk.

Why to Clean a Writing Desk without Harming the Environment?

Modern writing desks have lots of small sections, drawers, shelves and other hard-to-reach places for storage that, along with books and folders, tend to collect dust.

If not being cleaned properly and, which is even more important, regularly, these items will soon get dusty. In its turn, dust, when not being cleaned, affects the kid’s respiratory system and may even cause some health problems like allergy or even asthma! Even eyes and skin are in danger if your child always works at the dusty desk.

However, you need to be careful about using traditional dusting sprays like Pledge and Endust. These products are terrible for the environment. You need to use eco-friendly cleaning products instead.

How to Do My Child’s Writing Desk Cleaning?

To clean your child’s writing desk properly, it is better to follow several useful tips that will make the process more effective and faster.

  • Before you begin, remove everything from the desk. It will let you see all the dirty areas better and clean them faster.
  • If you need to spray anything down, use an environmentally friendly cleaning agent like Chemtronics. You can also make your own eco-friendly cleaning agent with vinegar and olive oil.
  • Wipe all the surfaces including computer screen, keyboard, mousepad and drawers. It is ok to use any anti-bacterial spray for this purpose.
  • Bring back all the things that you have earlier removed from the desk. Wipe off the dust from those of them that need it (for example, books’ covers and folders).
  • Sort the items. Leave only those that your child needs daily. Others can go to the shelves or other places where he/she can reach them easily.

How to Wash a Mousepad

A mousepad is surprisingly effective in gathering dust! You may wonder whether it is washable. Yes, it is! However, there are certain rules that you will have to follow to avoid ruining it.

Today mousepads are made of a huge variety of materials starting from fabric and ending with plastic, neoprene, carbon fiber, leather, cork, and even wood and glass! All detailed information you get here. When cleaning a mousepad, it is essential not to destroy its clutch surface. So how to clean the mousepad your kid has?

To refresh it, stick to the following scheme.

  • For SteelSeries mousepad, use handwash under the running water using a mild soap or a shampoo – all with neutral pH.
  • Roccat mousepads have aluminium layer inside so wash them very carefully.
  • HyperX mousepad is washed by hand with liquid soap and must be dried when straightened.
  • If it’s a fabric pad, simply brush the dust off it using a soft toothbrush as water will ruin the mousepad. A small vacuum cleaner will also work.

Never-to-Do Things When Washing Mousepads

If you want a mousepad to serve you longer, never do the following:

  • Never scrub it, rub it or squeeze!
  • When drying, put it on a flat surface with the bottom side down or hang it on the clothespins
  • Never wash it in a barrel
  • Never dry with your hairdryer or on the battery!

How Often to Clean Children’s Writing Desk?

Everything depends on how often your child is using it. If we are talking about schoolchildren, then it is better to clean the desk every weekend. However, if your kid prefers to do his/her homework elsewhere, then once in two weeks will be more than enough.

There Are Eco-friendly Ways to Clean Your Child’s Desk!

You don’t have to hurt the environment to clean your child’s desk. You should get rid of clutter and use eco-friendly cleaning products. This will spare the environment and your child’s health at the same time.

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