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Top articles of the week: July 26



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, the Scottish government accepted a proposal to designate 30 new marine protected areas in the seas around the country.

We also discussed the announcement of the merger of two crowdfunding platforms, Trillion Fund and Buzzbnk, which will create the UK’s largest social crowdfunding service. In other news India’s Rural Development Ministry will attempt to plant 2 billion trees along its motorways, which could create 300,000 jobs.

1. Sainsbury’s declare £200m ‘green’ loan to fund sustainability programmes

Richard Heasman: Leading supermarket chain Sainsbury’s has taken out a loan to promote low-carbon investments that will help finance its numerous low-carbon programmes, in what is being regarded as a pioneering break-through in corporate sustainability. Read more.

2. BRICS: $100bn sustainable development bank launched by world’s largest developing economies

Richard Heasman: The BRICS group, made up of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, has established their own international bank, to promote sustainable investment and to act as an emergency reserve. Read more.

3. Scotland designates 30 new marine protected areas

Ilaria Bertini: The Scottish government has given the green light to a proposal of establishing 30 new marine protected areas (MPAs) in the seas surrounding the country, which will help protect and restore marine wildlife, as well as the economic revenue that derives from it. Read more.

4. Former environment secretary Owen Paterson claims he was sacked because of ‘green blob’

Tom Revell: Sacked climate-sceptic environment secretary Owen Paterson has claimed that he lost his job because of a conspiracy from self-interested campaigners and pressure groups. Read more.

5. India announce the planting of 2 billion trees along its highways, creating 300,000 jobs

Richard Heasman: India’s Rural Development Ministry, in an attempt to both improve air quality and stimulate the job market, will potentially employ up to 300,000 youths to plant 2 billion trees along the nation’s motorways. Read more.

6. North West could see 300 fracking wells open by 2031

Charlotte Malone: Research has found that the North West’s Ocean Gateway could hold shale gas reserves worth £10 billion, in a discovery that could potentially lead to 300 fracking wells opening between now and 2031. Read more.

7. James Bond’s Skyfall setting being ‘destroyed’ by irresponsible campers and fly-tippers

Charlotte Malone: Irresponsible campers leaving rubbish and fly-tipping are destroying Glen Etive, used as the location for Skyfall in the latest James Bond film, residents have claimed. Read more.

8. Crowdfunding services Trillion Fund and Buzzbnk announce merger

Ilaria Bertini: Two leading crowdfunding platforms Trillion Fund and Buzzbnk have merged with the aim to raise finance for renewable energy and social business projects and create the UK’s largest social crowdfunding service. Read more.

9. Costa Concordia luxury ship moved after small oil spill

Ilaria Bertini: The luxury ship that sank off the island of Giglio in Italy more than two years ago has been moved away after a small amount of oil leaked during the operations. An emergency team has ensured that the spill has been immediately dealt with and will have no consequences on the environment. Read more.

10. India to fund renewable projects by doubling tax on coal

Richard Heasman: India’s new finance minister, Arun Jaitley, has announced plans to increase funding on India’s vast clean energy and environmental projects, by doubling the tax on every metric tonne of coal. Read more.

Photo: sanja gjenero via Freeimages