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Top articles of the week: September 13



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, a nationwide school science experiment revealed that bumblebees prefer suburban areas to rural places.

We also reported on how Oxfordshire has become the first county in Britain to be named a ‘Social Enterprise Place’. In other news, NASA is developing a probe that will create a unique 3D map of all the world’s forests.

1. Clinton: US can become renewable energy ‘superpower’

Tom Revell: Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has called for increased investment in renewable energy to achieve “a clean energy future” and address the threat of climate change. Read more.

2. Children science project found more bumblebees in cities than in the countryside

Ilaria Bertini: A nationwide school science experiment has revealed that bumblebees prefer suburban areas to rural places, because of the wider variety of flora. Read more.

3. NASA probe to study world’s forests and carbon cycle

Tom Revell: NASA is developing a new probe that will create a unique 3D map of all the world’s forests, in an attempt to improve understanding of their role in the carbon cycle and the mitigation of climate change. Read more.

4. Co-operative Energy set to launch world’s largest community energy celebration

Richard Heasman: A fortnight of community energy celebration spanning the breadth of the UK, complete with public tours and events, will officially begin on Saturday, headed by industry leader Co-operative Energy and in partnership with Forum for the Future. Read more.

5. Conergy to convert disused South Wales coal mine into solar energy farm

Tom Revell: Solar energy developer Conergy is to convert a disused coal mine in Wales into a solar farm, having acquired two new sites for renewable energy projects in the UK. Read more.

6. Marks & Spencer turns to biogas to cut carbon emissions

Ilaria Bertini: Retailer Marks & Spencer (M&S) has announced plans to buy 35,000 mega-2att (MW) hours of biomethane certificates, as part of its efforts to reduce its environmental footprint and promote clean energy. Read more.

7. Oxfordshire named ‘Social Enterprise Place’ ahead of Social Saturday

Tom Revell: Oxfordshire has become the first county in Britain to be officially named a ‘Social Enterprise Place’ by Social Enterprise UK, in recognition of the area’s growing social economy. Read more.

8. Australian states unable to protect nature and world heritage sites – report

Ilaria Bertini: A coalition of NGOs has argued that every state and territory in Australia fails to implement environmental laws at the Commonwealth standards and address World Heritage Conventions, putting ecosystem and threatened species at risk. Read more.

9. Scottish Independence: An overview – as shares rise in RBS and Lloyds over plans to leave Scotland

Richard Heasman: The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and its state-backed peer Lloyds have both confirmed plans to leave an independent Scotland and move its headquarters to England if the Scottish people vote for independence next week – a decision that has resonated well with investors. Read more.

10. NGOs call on the UK to take the lead at UN climate summit

Ilaria Bertini: A group of environmental organisations has urged David Cameron to take serious action on climate change in order to successfully reach a global agreement in Paris in 2015 and not being left behind by China and the US in the race to a low-carbon future. Read more.

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