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education resources for environmental science majors education resources for environmental science majors


Top Educational Websites For Environmental Students

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Environmental science is a very intense major that requires a lot of studying. You are going to need to do a lot of work if you want to succeed in this major.

The good news is that there are a lot of great resources that can make it easier to succeed in this major. We talked about some of the environmental websites that you can use for research, such as the Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and TreeHugger.

However, there are also great websites specifically for students trying to be successful. You will want to use these sites if you want to write great environmental science papers or study more effectively.

What is living in a digitalized world about? First of all, it’s about access. Access to all possible educational recourses that make the process of learning easier and more exciting. For a decent some of money (and in some cases, for free!), you have an opportunity to use a great variety of invaluable tools, get thesis writing help, consult professional editors or math experts, and visit a plethora of other sources to boost your intellectual level. Below, we’ll have a talk about a range of the best free learning websites and see what online education platforms are available free of charge. So, without much ado…

Reasons to Use Educational Websites in College

From elementary school students to those who are still learning years after graduation, there are tons of compelling reasons why you should make use of this or that free educational website and what it contains for your advantage. Here are some of the core benefits of incorporating edu platforms into your learning routine.

1.   It’s convenient. Oh, yes, it is! One of the top benefits of using paid or free educational websites is that you can make your brain work from the comfort of your home. With an internet connection, you have a chance to access a vast repository of knowledge and switch from one to the other at any time. This point is a treasure for those who are stuck in hectic schedules, having a unique chance to learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

2.   Learning resources are diverse. The websites from the educational category comprise a great assortment of disciplines and topics, catering to college and university students (or postgraduates) with diverse interests and passions. Are you into History? Or, perhaps your eternal passion is trigonometry? Whether you’re exploring the beauty of poetry or writing formulas with your eyes closed, there is 100% a specialized site or app designed for your needs exclusively.

3.   Engaging & interactive content. A lot of top educational sites employ multimedia resources, interactive tools, and gamification techniques – everything to make your learning process as engaging as possible. Virtual labs, interactive quizzes, and immersive simulations prove that studying can be actually interesting.

4.   Self-paced learning. No more waking up at dawn and having to manage this or that task within a tight deadline! In contrast to conventional classes in college, online educational websites offer the flexibility to revisit the most challenging topics as often as you want, accelerate through the ones that are already familiar with, as well as to explore some advanced material.  

5.   Cost-effectiveness. Dealing with edu sites is an excellent opportunity to save money. Compared to traditional learning methods, online platforms provide supreme quality content for free. Thus, students who experience financial burdens at the moment don’t have to worry about buying textbooks, books, or any other additional materials.   

Free Educational Websites for Students

The reality is that textbooks aren’t enough sometimes to keep yourself interested in the educational process. As a result, students lack motivation and inspiration to continue the learning process. Needless to say, their grades leave a lot to be desired. What do we do? Always seek updated materials! A trusted and free educational website could be an option. There are many options out there, and we’ve collected some of them below. 


Go to HowStuffWorks to get access to educational materials in the fields of art, science, technology, animals, and so on. If you’ve got a kid asking the why, how, when, who, and tons of other questions, this source is perfect to show how things work. When overburdened with loads of school assignments, kids 11 years old and older will find this website absolutely useful.

Oxford Owl

What’s so special about Oxford Owl? It uses the so-called British curriculum and offers educational materials needed to help students develop writing, reading, and arithmetic skills with thousands of other options. At the same time, Oxford Owl offers a free eBook library for kids of 3-11 years old. Eye-friendly design, useful materials, and other options that do not require parental control software (totally kid-friendly!) make the source one of the top options.


For more than 15 years, this source has been there for preschool and secondary school children looking for ways to boost their English speaking skills. The website is one of the go-to learning resources for helping kids enhance their language development at preschool and elementary school stages. Starfall works magic for struggling readers since it is highly interactive, providing them with an opportunity to have fun while learning new things.


HighlightsKids is one of the education websites for students, turning online learning into an exciting journey for all ages! The source offers dozens of puzzles, riddles, brainteasers, and questions to students in need of honing their thinking skills. It is easy to use and helps children learn to think critically and read properly while having fun.


Established for children in grades Pre-K through 8, the educational website contains a wide range of games for little learners. The users are welcome to check more than 100 interactive and fun games, comics, books, and video materials, each helping them boost skills in reading, math, literacy, and problem-solving. The educational website for children at is something that both parents and educators can use to guarantee a safe and fun experience for every learner.


Meet one of the popular free educational websites for kids! BrainPOP was established to help kiddies stay both constructive and creative in nearly every discipline, such as Arts, English, Music, Social Studies, and so on. The website also has a pinch of fun and humor, both needed to encourage kids to learn and study how they prefer. Are you looking for ways to help your child learn Italian or Spanish? Or, perhaps it’s the English language that you think they should boost their skills at? BrainPOP works well for listening, reading, grammar, handwriting, and vocabulary tests. 

Khan Academy

Initially established at the math website, Khan Academy has successfully turned into a grandiose edu source that provides students with fantastic academic experience. By using features like exercises, pictures, videos, progress tracking, and many other options, students are more interested in the process of learning that might be dull in the conventional classroom. The best thing about Khan Academy is that you can use it with and without an internet connection. It covers different classes, starting from the preschool era to the secondary school routine. 


One of the most reliable learning platforms out there, EdX has turned standard education into an outstanding experience available to everyone. Today, the digital platform connects more than 78 million users all over the globe across all existing disciplines. It offers some excellent features for young people applying to colleges and universities anywhere on the planet. It is equally helpful for both little kids and college undergrads.

Fish School

If there’s a preschooler at your home in need of learning new issues like colors, numbers, shapes, and letters, the Fish School app is a colorful alternative to traditional learning that keeps littles engaged from the very first minute. Curious kiddos are welcome to enjoy a great assortment of activities, such as counting numbers, learning letters, singing rhymes, counting, and so on. Every other activity has a background tune, making the process more entertaining and keeping kids glued to the screen.

Phonics Ninja

One more free option out there. With a range of games, Phonics Ninja is a reliable platform to learn letters, sounds, and phonics. The source includes various features like engaging games, funny sounds, and many other options that engage touch sensations. The little user can easily deal with all the tasks without parental involvement and record their own audio files while playing the game. With the app installed on the gadget, the kiddo learns to speak English, which also contributes to their educational background.

If you are looking for one of the most useful online resources for students, is the one. The website is the right place to go for those students who like to make and fix things themselves. At the website mentioned above, you have a chance to learn anything from how to fix a broken chair to making ice cream. Poetry

What makes the place to go for most students is that the website roofs scholars who annotate literature in general and poetry in particular. Both recent and classy works of literature are available for investigation. If you happen to be an English literature student, the resources will definitely ease your academic journey.

Navigating the Cyber Classroom: Tips to Pick a Reliable Educational Site

Living in times when the internet has turned into a treasure trove of educational resources, picking the best educational site is a game-changer for a student at any academic level, be it a preschool, high school, college, or university level. But the truth is that with the abundance of options available, you have to discern which platforms or apps offer credible and effective learning experiences. Here are some key considerations to help you select a reliable educational website tailored to your unique learning needs.

1.   Know your learning goals. Start by identifying your specific learning objectives. Are you seeking supplementary resources for Math, History, Philosophy, Calculus, or any other discipline? Or, perhaps you would like to develop a new skill or explore a new field of study. Ensure to figure those things out before you look for a particular website.

2.   Know more about the credibility and accreditation of the site. Trusted educational sites are usually associated with accredited universities, institutions, or industry professionals. It is recommended to go for endorsements from recognized educational bodies or institutions. Thus, you will make sure the platform you’re dealing with complies with certain quality standards and that it is provided by qualified educators.

3.   Check out testimonials and reviews. The point here is that user testimonials and reviews provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of this or that edu app or website. Ensure to seek feedback from students who have used the platform. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews to get the most balanced perspective.

4.   Approach peers and educators for recommendations. If you ensure to seek recommendations from peers, teachers, and educators, you will definitely get to work with some of the most useful and reliable platforms on the web. These people have already had the so-called firsthand experience with those apps and sites that have proven to be user-friendly and effective for learning at all academic levels.

By considering the list of educational platforms available on the internet and following the tips given above, you will be able to make the most informed decision when it comes to picking edu options as an environmental science major. Keep in mind, however, that the right platform, app, or website can greatly hone your learning experience, providing you with the easy-to-use tools and useful resources you need to succeed in your academic journey. So take your time and, if possible, try and test some of the options above to come up with your personal top best list. Happy learning!


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