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What Jobs Can You Get With An Environmental Science Degree?

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If you have a great love of or interest in the inner workings of the natural world, then an environmental science degree might just be for you. Not only is the subject fascinating, but a qualification in this field can open the door to a plethora of rewarding occupations. Getting the education you need to succeed in the following jobs may be expensive but there are private student loans available to cover the cost. Land yourself in one of the following jobs and you’ll be rewarded financially while doing something that you truly love. It’s a win-win.

Nature Conservation

Specialists in this field are vital to the survival of thousands of species of flora and fauna. Whether you decide to specialize in a particular region of the planet, a certain family of organisms or something else entirely, you can make a world of difference as a nature conservation officer. The job regularly involves travel, close encounters with endangered species and opportunities to make real changes to the way we treat nature. Because of the importance of this role, those who undertake it are often well paid too.

Marine Biology

The ocean is often accepted to be the final frontier of discovery for humans. Under the water, there are many miles that remain uncharted and unexplored, and new discoveries are made in these depths every day. Marine biologists are, in many senses, the explorers of today. In this position, you’ll be right there to experience new developments and to conduct tests that will shape human knowledge of the ocean for years to come. You’ll also have the chance to work with fascinating water-dwelling creatures and plants to make sure that their habitat is properly conserved.

Surveying for Quarries and Mines

Quarrying and mining for raw materials remains one of the most widespread and lucrative vocations to this day. However, these operations cannot safely go ahead without skilled surveyors giving them the all-clear. As a quarry or mine surveyor, you’ll use state of the art equipment to inspect the landscape and advise your clients on whether it is safe to work in any given area.  You’ll take a variety of meters into account, from the way rock has formed below the surface to the potential environmental and local impact of all activities involved. Because this work requires considerable expertise, and because the safety of others will be in your hands, you’re likely to be well-paid for your duties.

Green Energy and Sustainability

Whether you work as a consultant for businesses who wish to reduce their carbon footprint and become more energy efficient, as a government advisor or as a researcher into new methods of sustainability, there’s no hiding the fact that this is an important job. You’ll be able to have a hand in the protection of the planet against climate change and other threats to the planet, actively assisting in the improvement of the environment for generations to come.

Environmental Education

Of course, it’s vital to teach young minds about the environment and the approaches we can take to protect it, which is why being an educator in environmental issues is a great career choice. Whether you work with very small children, teens, university students or business owners, there are so many benefits to passing on your knowledge to another group of people in order to aid in the recovery of the planet.


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