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Top features of the week: July 27



This week on Blue & Green Tomorrow, Jess Ratty discussed how crowdfunding is changing business for the better.

We also explored how the financial world needs to improve at connecting the dots between an investor’s money and its real world impacts, and interviewed Lush’s ethical director about ethical cosmetics and spending sustainably.

1. Crowdfunding – it’s not all about the money

Jess Ratty: At the forefront of an alternative finance revolution, crowdfunding is changing business for the better, writes Jess Ratty of Crowdfunder. Read more.

2. Oxitec: the Oxford business genetically engineering a dead end for mosquitos

Tom Revell: The mosquito is by some way the deadliest animal in the world. In terms of the number of human victims they claim each year nothing comes close, not even humans. Read more.

3. The Secret Environmentalist: Exit, pursued by a (Green) Blob

The Secret Environmentalist: Poor Owen Patterson, he’s not exactly Steve McQueen. Like Steve, Owen was (or felt) attacked by a blob, his borrowed term for the environmental movement; a mix of NGOs, lobbying organisations and other environmental interest groups. The erstwhile UK environment secretary apparently felt besieged by a well-funded, coordinated machine. Read more.

4. ‘Illustrate links’ between money and the real world to boost sustainable investment

Alex Blackburne: The financial world needs to be better at connecting the dots between an investor’s money and the real world impacts it is having, according to a leading sustainable investment fund manager. Read more.

5. War on the high street: Lush’s battle against environmental destruction

Ilaria Bertini: Lush’s ethical director Hilary Jones speaks to Ilaria Bertini about ethical cosmetics and sustainable spending. Read more.

Photo: Amanda Jo via Flickr


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