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UK Carpet Brands Expand Eco-Friendly Options in Line with Growing Customer Demand

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You can see that a growing number of people in the UK are getting behind the sustainability movement these days. This is not just a passing fad, either. There is a huge shift towards making lasting change to help the planet.

One of the most interesting ways that people are taking steps to help the planet is by purchasing eco-friendly rugs. We talked about how many Americans are using eco-friendly rugs to furnish their homes, but wanted to talk about this trend in the UK as well.

We will talk about some of the ways that UK rug manufacturers are sustainability a priority. However, we will first talk about the growing sustainability movement in the UK. Then we will talk about the Eco Flooring options in the country.

Sustainability is a Top Priority in the United Kingdom

We recently looked at some of the top trends on Google and guess what everybody in the United Kingdom seem to be talking about? Climate change! That is right – climate change is the second biggest concern for most people right after providing more funding for the nearly bankrupt NHS. In the past, the focus on fighting climate change was mostly concentrated among people living in the big cities. But that is no longer the case. A number of smaller communities such as Brighton, Cambridge, and Exeter are driving a lot of the search volume for advice on how to live more sustainably. People are curious and want to know how they can do their bit for the planet.

People are not just showing concern about the state of climate change, either. They are starting to take real action too. Did you know that a shocking 75% of people currently living in the UK are taking major steps to reduce their consumption of plastics? That is a huge milestone for a culture highly dependent on . It shows that people are clued in, not just about the environment but also the social stuff tied to it.

They’re ready to switch things up, make some changes, and support the whole sustainable living scene. It’s like a green wave sweeping across the UK, and everyone’s catching the vibe!

How much as it grown in recent years? We looked at Google Trends data for the country and saw a 33% increase in searches for the term “environmentally friendly” between April 2020 and December 2023.

More Rug Manufacturers Are Making Sustainability a Top Focus

So, you know how everyone’s into being eco-friendly these days? One of the biggest things that they are doing is investing in eco-friendly rugs. More rug makers are totally on board to meet the demand!

Even the Royal Horticultural Society is taking part in this trend. They recently formed a partnership with Hug Rug to make sustainability a focus.

They’re doing some cool stuff to make rugs way more environmentally friendly. Check it out:

  • Using Earth-Friendly Materials: They’re swapping out regular materials for cooler ones like organic cotton, wool, and bamboo. It’s all about those renewable and biodegradable vibes. Some rugs even come from recycled stuff like old plastic bottles. You probably never imagined that they would use recycled bottles to make rugs, huh? It makes sense though since the UK has banned single use plastic.
  • Dyeing without the Drama: Instead of using those chemical dyes, more rug makers are using natural ways to color their rugs. These include plant-based dyes and water-based dyes – much gentler on the planet.
  • Green Manufacturing Strategies: Water-saving tricks and energy-efficient tech are in. They’re making sure the whole production process is as eco-friendly as possible.
  • Certified Cool: Ever heard of certifications like GOTS or Cradle to Cradle? Rugs with these badges mean they meet high standards for being good to the Earth.
  • Less Waste, More Wow: They’re all about reducing waste. Rugs now come in recyclable packaging, and manufacturers are finding ways to make the production process way more efficient.
  • Socially Awesome: Some companies are all about fair trade and helping out local communities. It’s not just about the environment; it’s about being socially responsible too.
  • Built to Last: These rugs are no one-hit wonders. Quality matters, and some companies even offer repair or reuse programs. Less waste, more longevity – win-win!
  • Going the Extra Mile: Local sourcing and carbon offsetting are big trends. They’re minimizing the impact of transportation and doing their part to balance things out.

So, next time you’re shopping for a rug, keep an eye out for these eco-friendly features. It’s like giving your living space a stylish, green makeover!

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