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tips to sell an eco-friendly home tips to sell an eco-friendly home


What to Keep in Mind When Selling an Eco-Friendly Home

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Are you an eco-friendly homeowner? You are in good company, because 84% of consumers say they want to live in an environmentally friendly home.

You might be proud that you have lived in a home with a low carbon footprint over the years. However, you may eventually face a time when you have to move.

When you’re looking for eco-friendly houses for sale in Hattiesburg, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, it’s essential to understand your target market and what they value when it comes to green living. Eco-friendly features can be beneficial not only for those who are environmentally conscious, but also for people looking for savings on their utility bills. Thus, don’t forget to checkout the green aspects of your potential house listed for sale through photos and descriptions in any listing or advertisement. Additionally, as a potential buyer, make sure to know what is included with the home that makes it more sustainable than others – such as energy efficient appliances or recycled building materials.

Another important consideration when selling an eco-friendly home is understanding how best to price the property versus similar conventional homes on the market.

You need to plan carefully before selling an eco-friendly home. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. Some of the variables are the same as selling any other home, while others are unique to green property owners.

What to Consider When Selling an Eco-Friendly Home

You invested a lot in your home to make it eco-friendly. You had to install solar panels, use the right insulation to make it energy efficient, use water saving showerheads and take other measures to protect the planet.

After all the hard work you put in, you would hope that it would be easy. However, selling your home is going to be a challenge. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to find a buyer more easily.

Look for Eco-Friendly Listing Opportunities

There are certain websites and listing agencies that specialize in selling eco-friendly homes. Green Homes for Sale and Tiny House Listings are two of the most popular sites for eco-friendly homebuyers and sellers. You should find people interested in buying your eco-friendly home.

You can also work with real estate agents that specialize in selling eco-friendly properties. However, they are more common in some areas than others. San Francisco has a lot of green homes.

Understand the Local Market for Green Homes

Based on reports from the real estate sector, more than five million homeowners place their properties on the market each year across the United States. Some homes sell quickly whereas others linger on the market for months before attracting buyers. Some don’t sell at all. Green properties might sell easier in some markets, but you might not have the same advantage if sustainability isn’t as much of a concern.

At the same time, some properties bring their asking prices while others sell for far less, much to the dismay of the seller. Though numerous variables factor into the equations when determining how quickly a home sells and for how much, quite a few experts note that having a home warranty in place can help turn the tables in favor of the seller. 

Exploring the Importance of a Home Warranty

Eco-friendly homes may need a warranty just like any others. Many homeowners fail to see the importance of having a home warranty. They believe their homeowners insurance is enough to cover the problems that could arise. Insurance certainly helps when it comes to fires, natural disasters, and other developments. However, homeowners insurance policies don’t cover everything.

For something like a failed electrical system or a furnace that gives out before it should, the cost of replacement would fall on the shoulders of the homeowner with basic insurance. A home warranty could cover those types of expenses. That alone, is reason enough for many homeowners to look for help finding a home warranty

Why Should I Purchase a Home Warranty If I’m Selling My House?

Having said all that, homeowners who are planning to sell their properties often question the need to purchase a home warranty. After all, why would they need to worry about coverage if they’re selling? In truth, home warranties are equally important when selling a home, and they can even foster the sales process. Consider the following points if you’re trying to decide whether purchasing a home warranty before selling your house would be a smart move.

Offsetting Potential Expenses

Should something go wrong with your home while it’s on the market, the cost of repairs or replacement of the offending appliance or system might not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Insurance only applies to certain situations, and the rest are considered the homeowner’s responsibility.

If the electrical wiring running to half the house goes bad, insurance isn’t likely to pay for repairs. In the event the wall oven stops working, you’ll be the one who has to replace it. Of course, that’s assuming you don’t have a home warranty. Warranties cover those costs for you and offset the expenses you could face while waiting for the house to sell.

Providing Incentives for Prospective Buyers

In truth, there’s no law that insists you have to pay for the previously mentioned repairs and replacements before selling your home. You could always notify potential buyers of those existing issues and hope they’ll be willing to foot the bill. In many cases, they won’t be unless you’re willing to subtract the cost from your asking price. On the other hand, having a warranty in place gives prospects peace of mind and a safety net in case something goes wrong. 

Let a Warranty Help Sell Your Green Home

Eco-friendly homes might sell easier in some markets, but you can’t count on that being the case. Fortunately, there are things green homeowners can do to sell them more easily, including promoting them on a green home listing site or getting a home warranty.

Home warranties can be a helpful tool for virtually all homeowners. That’s true even for those who are selling. Warranties can offset possible expenses if something goes wrong with a home and give potential buyers an added incentive to not only purchase a house but pay a bit closer to the asking price for it. If you don’t yet have a home warranty, consider the benefits of purchasing one even if you’re on the verge of selling.

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