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Why we’re supporting Sustainable September: Rathbone Greenbank Investments



Several organisations are helping us to organise and underwrite Sustainable September, the month-long celebration of sustainability, for which you can buy tickets here.

We are asking each of them to tell us why they are supporting the event. Next up is Rathbone Greenbank Investments.

Why is Rathbone Greenbank Investments supporting Sustainable September?

Rathbone Greenbank Investments is delighted to support Sustainable September.  The bringing together of businesses, individuals and organisations working within the sustainability arena will act as a catalyst to promote further debate and encourage further action towards creating a more sustainable future.

The independence of Blue & Green Tomorrow will ensure there is impartial debate surrounding the issues at the heart of a sustainable future.

What do you hope to get out of the event?

Being part of this event will help further our role in promoting ethical and sustainable investment, showing how it can and should be considered as an option – not just because it is the ‘right’ thing to do from a moral standpoint but because it makes good financial sense too.

What does sustainability mean to you?

To Rathbone Greenbank sustainability means looking to the future and ensuring that the actions we take now do not jeopardise the lives or lifestyles for the generations who will follow.  As investment managers, we are committed not only to avoiding investment in companies that are acting in a way we feel is unsustainable, but also to supporting those that are making a positive difference. Our work in this area is guided by our specialist in-house research team, who also lead our active engagement with companies to bring about improvements in environmental, social and governance performance.

Why should individuals and businesses consider sustainability?

We all have a moral duty to the future well-being of the planet and the life upon it.  But self-interest also means taking urgent action to stop the social and environmental degradation wrought by rapidly growing global populations.  Whilst we see sustainability as a necessity, it should also be seen as an opportunity.  Companies offering products and services that meet the needs of society in a sustainable way are likely to be successful over the long-term.  This is an important consideration for employers, employees, and society as a whole.  As specialist ethical and sustainable investment managers, it is these companies that we seek out for our investors.

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