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Your Go-To Guide for Eco-Friendly Mobile Home Remodel

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Are you committed to living in a green home? You aren’t alone! The market for eco-friendly buildings is exploding and is projected to be worth over $653 billion by 2028.

You may want to consider remodeling your mobile home to give a fresh look and make it more eco-friendly. It can be complex to prioritize what to work on first, how to make your mobile home energy efficient or what budget to set.

We’ve got you covered! Here’s a guide that’ll show you how to go about a mobile home remodel and ensure you don’t end up in a mess.

How To Remodel A Mobile Home to Be Eco-Friendlier

Giving your house a makeover provides a fresh look and helps increase the value of your home. Not only decor changes, but you can also tweak your home to make it more sustainable and eco-friendly.

Now there are lots of components that make up your home. Here’s how you can make changes to them.


Roof catch people’s attention: they first view your house from outside. So, you may want to reconsider the pitch of your roof. Having a higher-pitched roof helps the snow and rainwater to slide off easily.

To improve the look of your roof, you can consider placing plants on the surface. It’ll keep your house cooler and give access to fresh greens.

Sounds interesting, right? It’s worth trying! If you want to switch to solar energy for the functioning of your home, you could consider installing solar panels.


The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of your home. It requires a lot of time and energy for renovations. When you remodel, keep in mind the space constraints and efficiency goals. Prepare your kitchen to organize your appliances and create extra storage space. You can do your bit to help the climate improve by upgrading your existing appliances to energy-saving units. It’ll reduce your energy bills.

Doors and windows

If you’ve got small doors in the house, you can consider replacing them with bigger ones. Doors with sustainable qualities work best to create a barrier between the inside and the outside atmosphere. Modern doors are made up of fiberglass or wood-clad steel. As long as the materials are locally sourced and incorporate renewable sources as their base are a perfect fit for your new eco-friendly mobile home. Window frames should be energy efficient, and thus fiberglass or wooden frames would be ideal options.


This room provides you the refuge after a long tiring day at work. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make your room more sustainable and eco-friendly? Furniture changes go a long way in changing the house’s entire look. You could replace your current bed with an eco-friendly one that’s either upcycled or used. The shelves of your room could be replaced with recycled paper wood shelves. These are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It would be best to pick the color choices before going furniture shopping. Go for eco-friendly mattresses made up of wool, cotton, and hemp.

How To Maintain the House?

After spending a fortune on remodeling your mobile home, it should be a priority to maintain it. You should regularly service your new and old appliances and systems. You should also be prepared for an unexpected breakdown of these machines. You can do so by keeping a maintenance fund aside. Or you could buy a home warranty to cover these expenses for you. Furthermore, regular cleaning of the furniture and other objects in your home prevents dust from settling, thereby giving a clean look.

Final Word

An eco-friendly approach for your mobile home remodels undoubtedly goes a long way. It serves the cause by giving a new look to your home and ensures that you do not harm the environment.

Following nature’s example, Baufritz has been planning and constructing ecologically sustainable buildings for over 120 years. High-quality, pollutant-tested building and insulation materials are used to create individual architect’s houses that protect people and the environment.


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