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Alliance Trust launches two new sustainable investment funds



Alliance Trust Investments has announced the creation of two new risk profiled funds within its Sustainable Future ethical fund range, in response to investors’ growing demand for socially responsible investment (SRI) funds.

The new funds – Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Defensive Managed Fund and Alliance Trust Sustainable Future Cautious Managed Fund – will be available to investors from July 24 2014 and will invest in shares, bonds and cash in sustainable and ethical companies.

Peter Michaelis, head of the Sustainable Future team at the firm, said, “We are launching these new funds in response to a growing demand from the intermediary market for a comprehensive range of risk profiled ethical investment opportunities.

“As SRI becomes ever more mainstream, independent financial advisers are increasingly asked to recommend these types of funds. The range that we now offer not only adds to the choice available, but for the first time, gives advisers clarity about risk levels so that they can match their client’s preferences and requirements to the right fund.

Michaelis added, “Launching these funds is an important milestone for the Alliance Trust Sustainable Future team as the new funds are the first to be launched since we joined the business in 2013.”

The two products bring the number of the full range of risk-profiled funds available to five.

Alliance Trust Investments offers a good number of investment funds under the banner Sustainable Future and is supporting Sustainable September, Blue & Green Tomorrow’s celebration of sustainability.

In explaining its participation in the event, the firm said, “We hope that Sustainable September will push sustainability to the front of people’s minds and help to take a step toward changing people’s perceptions, particularly in relation to sustainable investing.

“Ethical funds have outperformed their non-ethical counterparts over one year and three years, while sustainability issues are becoming more and more embedded in mainstream investment.”

Photo: 401(K) 2012 via Flickr

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