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Cochabamba Project asks investors to contribute to reversing environmental degradation



The Cochabamba Project, which supports Bolivian families to stop slash and burn farming of the Amazon, is asking investors to support their aim of reversing the environmental degradation of the area through a loan stock offer.

The project has now established 1,400 hectares of commercial tree plantation on around 2,600 separate lots by supporting 900 families. In order to achieve its long-term aims the project needs capital from investors.

When asked why investors should place their money in the project, co-founder David Vincent said, “Because the project needs it”.

Vincent added, “There are few, if any, opportunities to actually reverse our impact on the environment – investment in renewables is fine, but it’s just ‘not using fossil fuels’ – trees actually capture carbon and create oxygen in the process.

“Growing trees is vital to capture carbon emissions, create the plant’s most versatile and renewable resource and protect biodiversity. But it needs to be done with equal emphasis on social and environmental – not just a ‘carbon factory’ of exotic monoculture.”

The Cochabamba Project is helping to link western investors with micro-investors in the developing world, whilst simultaneously overcoming a major barrier in forestry – investment. The enterprise also doesn’t focus on achieving maximum profit in the minimum time possible, instead placing the emphasis on maximising social and environmental impact.

Vincent explained, “Forestry takes a while to establish but once it has achieved positive cashflow, then it can rely on literally ‘growing’ revenues. It is very resilient, i.e. we can control how much we harvest and when, we are not at the whim of the market.”

To learn more about the project and the loan stock offer please visit the Cochabamba Project website.

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