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GIIN Appoints New Global Liaison For East Africa GIIN Appoints New Global Liaison For East Africa


GIIN Appoints New Global Liaison For East Africa



The Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN) have announced the appointment of Ashley Elliot as Global Liaison for East Africa.

Mr. Elliot will work out of Dares Salaam, Tanzania, to help the GIIN build strategic partnerships, promote impact investing and support GIIN members across the region. Mr. Elliot becomes the GIIN’s fourth global liaison, highlighting the GIIN’s growing global presence and support for the international impact investing community.

Mr. Elliot has a longstanding commitment to impact investing and a deep knowledge of the region. Alongside his work with the GIIN, he is a managing partner at research and strategy firm Sofala Partners, which gives on-the-ground expert advice to organisations operating in sub-Saharan Africa, including impact investors, traditional investors and non-financial institutions such as development agencies and non-governmental organisations. Prior to joining Sofala Partners, Mr. Elliot advised global companies on investment strategy in East Africa as General Manager at Africa Practice Tanzania Ltd., having begun his career at the World Bank Group.

Mr. Elliot’s extensive experience in the region and expertise in impact investing ideally place him to support the development of the regional impact investing market and strengthen connections between East Africa and the global impact investing community. As the newest GIIN Global Liaison, Mr. Elliot joins Ingo Weber and Wouter Koelewijn as Global Liaisons for Europe based in Frankfurt and Amsterdam respectively, and South Asia Liaison Anil Sinha, based in New Delhi.

The GIIN continues to expand our local presence in regions around the world

“Ashley is a fantastic addition to the GIIN’s network of global liaisons. He brings a deep local expertise in a region that is of particular interest to a growing community of impact investors,” said Amit Bouri, CEO and co-founder of the GIIN. “The GIIN continues to expand our local presence in regions around the world to increasingly support those investing in solutions to global challenges. Having Ashley on board helps us do just that.”

Mr. Elliot commented: “At the recent GIIN Investor Forum in Amsterdam, we asked a room packed with impact investors from around the world whether they were interested in East Africa. More than 80 percent raised their hands. There’s clearly massive demand to find and finance viable projects in the region, and I’m delighted to be part of the GIIN team helping to make that happen.”

“East Africa has huge potential. Impact investors are already making real returns and impacts in fields such as agribusiness, mobile financial services, off-grid solar and basic services – from affordable housing to education, health and sanitation. These investee companies are addressing critical needs with innovative ideas, and that has the potential to change lives.”


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