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Good Money Week 2015 is here



It’s Good Money Week – the national awareness week coordinated by UKSIF,  the membership network for sustainable and responsible financial services, which is delivered by many others. Several events have already taken place and many more events are planned. Don’t forget to download the Guide to Sustainable Investment for greater detail about sustainable, responsible and ethical investment. This is the run down of just some our coverage so far.

To coincide with Good Money Week we are pleased to announce our media partnership with 3D Investing – a free online resource that provides invaluable insight on sustainable, responsible and ethical funds. The philosophy and approach of 3D Investing is explored in more detail in the Guide to Sustainable Investment.

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Good Money Week: what is it? (from UKSIF FAQs)

Everyone can ‘make money and make a difference’. Good Money Week is the campaign to raise awareness of sustainable, responsible and ethical finance to help people make ‘good money’ choices. Good Money Week 2015 will take place from 18- 24 October. Read more.

Countdown to Good Money Week: two weeks to go

Two weeks today there will a tsunami of content from the media about sustainable, responsible and ethical finance. Some will be for, some against, some will moan about the tsunami. Then 51 weeks of business as usual media silence on the subject before 2016’s tsunami of activity. Meanwhile hundreds of positive, inspirational people are getting ready for smorgasbord of incredible events regarding the social, environmental impact of money. Read more.

Countdown to Good Money Week: seven days to go

The final countdown to Good Money Week has begun. Before it even properly kicks off next Sunday, there are nine events, six open to everyone and three for finance professionals. On Friday, our own big event is the launch of our Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015. Read more.

Good Money Week: Some bad arguments against sustainable, responsible and ethical investment

Pull any typical investor and their financial adviser off the street and ask them what they think about sustainable, responsible and ethical investment and the investor will look confused. The adviser will typically roll their eyes. Those three adjectives will paint for both an image of new age hippies, terrible knitted sweaters, poor personal hygiene and Birkenstock sandals. Read more.

Good Money Week: The surprise is that anyone is ‘surprised’ that ethical investment ‘can’ be unethical

Breaking news: the Pope is Catholic and bears fertilise the woods. A recent article in the Financial Times expressed ‘surprise’ that some ethical funds aren’t completely ethical. Some funds are more unsustainable, unethical and irresponsible than others, just like some companies and some people are. It’s a sliding scale from the darkest green to the bloodiest red. Read more.

Good Money Week: What’s on financial advice experts minds?

Lisa Stonestreet UKSIF’s Good Money Week Programme Director told Blue & Green: “There are advisers, such as those in the Ethical Investment Association (EIA), who have a long established track record of working with their clients to make sure financial objectives and values can be aligned.” This is what some of the EIA’s leading thinkers told us. Read more.

The Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015

Guide to Sustainable Investment 2015 coverThe fifth edition of Blue & Green Tomorrow’s flagship publication, The Guide to Sustainable Investment, is finally here, in advance of Good Money Week. Read more.





Other headlines

Abundance launches Peer-to-Peer Pension. Read more.

EIRIS estimates £15bn invested in green and ethical UK funds in advance of Good Money Week. Read more.

Ethex triples finance for businesses creating positive impact in past year. Read more.

Record 1.85m saving and investing £3.6bn in social and environmental change. Read more.

Winners and Spinners Report 2015 reveals best-in-class ethical funds but uncovers evidence of ‘greenwash’. Read more.

Appetite for ‘green investments’ is growing but consumers don’t know where to go for advice about sustainable and ethical funds. Read more.

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