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Good Money Week news: Ethical Investing Boosted Pension/MPs call for Parliamentary pension transparency



Two great Good Money Week articles from from sources our readers might not normally dip into. Morningstar reports that ethical investing boosted a personal investor’s pension. Meanwhile Actuarial Post reports that MPs have called for transparency from Parliamentary Contributory pension fund.


Read Morningstar’s: Investor Views: “Ethical Investing has Boosted My SIPP” – here

Read Actuarial Post’s: “MPs call for transparency from Parliamentary pension fund” – here

The Parliamentary Contributory Pension Fund is a funded, defined benefit pension scheme, where Members and the Exchequer share the costs. The Fund is made up of two schemes – an MPs’ Pension Scheme and a Ministers’ Pension Scheme. The main difference between the two is that the MPs’ scheme provides pension benefits based on final salary, whereas the Ministers’ scheme provides benefits based on career average salary. It is administered by RPMI.


Independent SRI Consultant of 3D Investing said: “I still can’t understand why it is so diffult to get full information on corporate pension scheme holdings.  Its not as if there’s any commercial confidentiality.  MPS have to declare everything they claim on expenses so why is their pension scheme so murky?”


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