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Introducing the Guide to Sustainable Funds 2016



Divestment from fossil fuels will become a rout due to unburnable carbon. We know the regulatory and political environment becomes harder for the energy intensive. We know the world is demanding more energy, more water and more food. It needs to be clean, efficient and sustainable, or ‘we’re all doomed.’ There has never been a better time to investigate and invest in sustainable options.

As the post-Silent Spring (1962) generation really comes of investment age, as they accumulate their own wealth or inherit their parents’ wealth, as they use the power of social media and digital communications to understand and influence – they are demanding ever more from the advisers who advise them, the asset managers who run their money and the companies they invest in. More transparency, more corporate responsibility, more humanity, more sustainability.

Sustainable, responsible or ethical is on the rise. Excellent financial return statistics bust the age-old myth of underperformance by such funds.

Whether it’s a themed fund – investing in clean energy, agriculture, forestry, water and so on; a negatively screened fund – avoiding harmful or unethical industries; or simply a fund that seeks to tackle key sustainability challenges, the Blue & Green/3D Investing list has something to match your criteria.

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