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Affiliate Directory – March 2015



Today we launched the first of our directories, the Affiliate Directory. In it we list the organisations we’ve identified that share our values and mission and can support us financially.

The image on the front is taken from a series of statues in Greenbelt, Maryland, USA, sculpted by Lenore Thomas Straus and from her Constitution Frieze. It’s entitled, “To Form A More Perfect Union.”

Every time you click through one of the links of our excellent partners, the link is tracked and it may generate a payment to our site if you buy something.

Just 5%, one in 20, of our readers buying something through one of our partners would mean we are fully funded every single month.

Please consider buying things through our partners. Be part of that 5%. We don’t want you to buy things you wouldn’t otherwise buy, but if you buy them through these links we can remain advertising-free and free to read, allowing us to speak to more than just the converted behind a paywall.

This way we create a more perfect union between our readers and us.

Over the coming months we will launch other directories of our partners, including sustainable funds, ethical financial advisers, responsible tour operators, renewable energy companies and ethical retailers – plus we’ll be updating this as we strike new relationships.

The Guide season will kick off in April with ‘Homes’ and ‘Democracy’.

Download a PDF version for free

The Affiliate Directory 2015 single-page (10mb size) (recommended for printing)

The Affiliate Directory 2015 double-page (10mb recommended viewing)

Download a PDF version for free (mobile versions)

The Affiliate Directory 2015 single-page (5mb size)

The Affiliate Directory 2015 double-page (5mb recommended viewing)