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Blue & Green Tomorrow in print: issue four



Hello again and welcome to our ‘money’ issue of Blue & Green Tomorrow. With the end of the tax year (not to mention the budget) coming up, this seemed the right time to focus on finance. That’s not to say we’ve ignored our other favourite topics. We’re sure there are plenty of things to interest you in this month’s news and features.

If you have spare cash languishing in a low-interest account, or Premium Bonds, you might want to think about doing something more useful with it, especially if you have leftover ISA allowances from the current tax year. It’s also not a bad time to review your finances in general and see if you’re making the most of what you’ve got.

Penny Shepherd kindly wrote a piece on ethical investment, which we then circulated to a fund manager, a banker, a financial adviser and an investor to get their take. The end result is this month’s centre spread, which contains plenty of food for thought.

Elsewhere in the magazine we have articles on financial efficiency, mopping up end of year allowances, the trials and tribulations of a convert to ethical investing and a profile of a fund management company that not only believes Africa is a great place to invest, but also donates a sizeable slice of its income into creating jobs in that country.

One thing that comes through loud and clear in this issue is that there are a lot of positive people around. While many are bemoaning their fate and agonising over the state of the economy, the climate or the tax antics of big business, others are seizing the opportunities that abound for repairing the world and the damage to their own finances.

We have an opportunity not only to nurture our savings but also to nurture our world by wielding our spending and investment power wisely. It doesn’t matter if our daily life has nothing to do with ethics, the environment or sustainability; it’s what we do with our money that will make the difference.

Download issue four (March 2011) for free here.