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wind turbine by Paulo Valdivieso via flickr wind turbine by Paulo Valdivieso via flickr


Cost Of Offshore Wind Farm’s Power Drops 32% In Five Years, Friends Of The Earth Respond



In response to the report published yesterday, which revealed that the cost of power from offshore wind farms has dropped by a third in 5 years, Alasdair Cameron, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner said the following:

“Renewable energy, like offshore wind, is a hugely exciting opportunity for the UK and should be at the heart of the government’s new industrial strategy, along with new technologies like battery storage and electric vehicles.

“Renewables are increasingly recognised as being affordable and reliable, and those countries which lead the transition to a low-carbon economy will be well placed to thrive in the 21st century.

“The government must fully embrace the clean energy revolution and ensure sufficient investment in the UK’s huge job-creating renewable power potential – including onshore wind and solar, which are now among the cheapest energy sources of any kind.”


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