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Ban Ki-Moon encourages people to give on the International Day of Charity



Charities play a crucial role in helping our society wherever public spending is lacking and they need support from the public now more than ever, the UN secretary-general said on International Day of Charity on Friday.

The event coincides with the anniversary of the death of Nobel Peace Prize winner and catholic philanthropist Mother Teresa of Calcutta, “whose life and good works for some of the human family’s poorest and most vulnerable members has been such an enormous inspiration”, UN secretary-general Ban Ki-Moon said.

Ban said, “Charity may come in many forms, from the volunteering of time and expertise to straightforward financial or in-kind donations by individuals, corporations or philanthropic foundations. 

“Whatever the case, such generosity and kindness, with no expectation of financial gain, can make profound differences in human well-being.

“At times of intense fiscal and budgetary constraint, charity takes on greater importance in global efforts to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and implement what we hope will be an ambitious post-2015 agenda.  While charity cannot be seen as a replacement or alternative to public spending, it plays an invaluable complementary role.

To mark the occasion, many countries will hold events and fundraising activities to support charitable organisations, both on the streets, in cities and online.

The UN chief added, “On this International Day, I call on people everywhere to act on the charitable impulse that resides in every human being – to start giving and to keep on giving.”

In June, the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) urged British businesses to take the lead in promoting philanthropy and charitable actions within their structures.

Photo: James White via Flickr

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