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Blue & Green has now been read in every country in the world – bar one



In five years, we’ve reached just under a million people. November will be an important milestone as we’ll pass that million readers threshold. The largest community of readers is in the UK, while people in the US, Canada, India and Australia are all avid readers. BUT one country is missing from our Blue & Green world tour and we must put that right before the year is out.

A little Friday competition: a ‘20 questions with…’ profile for the person who guesses which country is missing. You can see some of the alumni you’ll be joining and also read our favourite response to the ‘What’s the one idea that you think could change the world for the better?’

Email your guess to the editor. First correct answer wins the profile.


Image: House of Flags designed by AY Architects for the Olympic celebrations in 2012.

Picture credit: House of Flags by Karen Roe via Flickr

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