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Can Self Storage Be Green?



It is estimated that the self storage industry currently occupies over 34 million sq ft of storage space across the UK at a total of around 975 different facilities. The storage industry continues to grow and consequently so does the space it requires to operate.

Many storage companies will buy old warehouses, or large industrial buildings they can renovate to offer additional service space. The problem with many old buildings is they aren’t built to modern standards of efficiency, and therefore aren’t as eco friendly. Modern, purpose built facilities tend to promote more of a green and sustainable offering.

Companies like Safestore are consciously looking for ways to be greener and have already implemented air to air heat source pumps, Photovoltaic cells and LED emergency lighting into new and existing stores and will continue to do so moving forwards.

With consistent growth within the market it is imperative that other storage providers become conscious and act on the environmental issues surrounding the industry. A survey by The Nielsen Global Survey of Consumer Shopping Behaviour revealed that the number of shoppers willing to pay more for eco-friendly goods had tripled in 17 months between 2011 and 2013, showing it to be a real area of consumer concern.

General awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly purchasing has been more prevalent in recent years, encouraging industry leaders to adapt new procedures to match consumer demand.

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