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Hollywood star Helen Hunt: ‘we’ve all witnessed the impact of climate change’



Environmental group Global Green’s annual pre-Oscar party took place on Wednesday with over 1,500 guests – from celebrities, eco-luminaries, business and political leaders and leading environmentalists – in attendance to help support attempts to tackle climate change.

With standard green event rules in place – using public transportation, carpooling or travelling in hybrid electric vehicles, serving organic and sustainable foods from local suppliers and sending electronic invitations – the gala demonstrated how there wasn’t a compromise to be made between great entertainment and sustainability.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winning actress Helen Hunt said, “We can help shine the light on both the climate science, and the solutions, including through events like this. I also think we can all take action ourselves where ever possible.

I spent last Saturday with my daughter doing a beach clean-up with Heal the Bay, and I am proud to be an ambassador for Global Green’s green school makeover competition.”

Profits from yesterday’s event will go towards the Hurricane Sandy relief charity. Hunt, star of the 1996 film Twister, added, “I think we’ve all witnessed – in one way or another — the growing impact of climate change. With Hurricane Sandy, I think we saw more than ever how vulnerable our low-lying coastal communities are to rising sea levels and other impacts of climate change.”

Global Green is using its expertise gained in assisting New Orleans to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina and is now helping neighbourhoods devastated by Hurricane Sandy to install back up solar systems to provide electricity even in times of disasters.”

Hunt joins other Hollywood stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger in speaking out on environmental issues in recent months.

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