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Ethical retailer of the week: Windmill Organics



Windmill Organics is a company that owns a number of brands that provide products that are ethical, GM-free, organic and traceable.

It was initially set up as a whole food retail outlet on Fulham road in London in 1971 and later became a vegetarian restaurant.

As their food became increasingly popular, the owners decided to start selling the products to other businesses.

Windmills Organics owns five brands: Biona, Amisa, Raw Health, Profusion and BioFair.

All of the company’s brands offer organic, GMO and additives free, vegetarian products, with a focus on traceability and ethics, in relation to both people and the environment.

Our raw materials suppliers, packaging suppliers and distributors share this philosophy and are required to have rigorous standards, systems and procedures to ensure all products we use are safe, ethical and legal”, the company says.

Biona offers a wide range of organic food products, from pasta, oils and canned products to breads, biscuits, gluten free and vegan food. As well as avoiding GMOs and pesticides, the firm ensures that farmers do not use intensive farming methods that can harm the land.

Raw Health produces snacks made with organic raw ingredients, to keep in the nutrients, while Amisa focuses on customers that have special dietary requirements.

Meanwhile Profusion is instead dedicated to those consumers who want cholesterol-free, probiotics, detox, slimming and anti-oxidant food products.

Finally, BioFair, as the name suggests, produces organic and fairtrade grains, pasta, pulses and other food with the aim “to help third world communities develop economically sound trading relationships, while at the same time protecting the health of farmers and the integrity of the local environment.

BioFair promises its farmers a long-term cooperation and fair wages, by providing high quality products that are sources ethically and respect the planet.


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