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Why You Should Look for Safer Products in Startups, Not Big Brands

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It is widely known that smaller companies tend to focus more on quality rather than quantity when it comes to their products. Big, well-known brands oftentimes tend to shift their focus somewhere along the way. They end up reducing quality and therefore safety of their products.

When it comes to looking for safer products, startups are definitely the ones who can provide you with a better solution. Here are just a few reasons why this happens.

It’s not always about the test results.

You probably believe that companies who sell their items for a higher price have had the ingredients they use tested to the greatest extent; making sure that all their products are safe and don’t cause any side effects to humans. The truth is that many chemicals still manage to make an appearance into otherwise “safe” products.

When it comes to the food industry for example, it is way more likely that a bigger brand will use more hazardous preservatives than a startup. This simply happens because the bigger company will want to keep their products in stores for longer and won’t hesitate to replace an ingredient with another if it will help them out in their cause.

A startup, on the other hand will aim to please the customers by providing products with the least amount of harmful ingredients. Smaller companies are trying to make a name in the market and therefore try to keep their products as natural as possible and of the best quality.

Claims and packaging

This is one of the biggest problems when it comes to brands. They can easily make claims about the presence or absence of some particular ingredients. They can also talk about and advertise their production methods and tactics and have many potential customers believe in their claims that are often not valid. The danger in this situation is when the claims remain just claims, and are not verified by independent means.

When a brand claims that a product is free of something harmful, it is quite common that one harmful thing has been replaced by something equally bad or with unknown side effects. This is the case with any products that have sweeteners instead of sugar in the food industry. Aspartame, even though considered harmless, has proven to be quite harmful when given to rats in large quantities.

On the other hand, when it comes to startups, these smaller companies will go to great lengths to make sure their products are well designed and as safe as can be for their customers. Being new on the market, they want to make sure that they keep their place. And in order to become more well-known, they will not hesitate to search for alternative options. This usually means they will leave no stone unturned in terms of meeting their customers’ expectations.

Brands turn to startups for help in refocusing on quality.

It’s not unusual for a bigger brand to turn to a startup for help when it comes to developing a new product. This is something that happens more often than you might think, and it actually offers a great advantage to both the companies and the consumers.

Startups are usually run by younger people, who possess the most up-to-date knowledge on the topics of innovation and chemistry – full of new and fresh ideas when it comes to designing products. Many times, brands that have been in the market for years have lost their ability to create new products that are ecological, safe or easily likeable by their customers.

Smaller companies also tend to believe in finding alternative approaches to issues. When it comes to safety of their products, a bigger company will oftentimes be unwilling to spend a lot of time on designing a product and making sure that everything, from the ingredients to the packaging, will be eco-friendly and safe. On the other hand, startups will try taking on these challenges and try capturing the attention of consumers in any way they can.

This is exactly what bigger brands are trying to achieve. But after a few years in the market, it is simply a lot easier for them to work together with a startup. This strategy allows them to make a small batch of a new product, in a completely new and innovative way that will establish safety and sustainability for their brand.

Collaboration can be the key.

The experience of a renowned brand, when combined with the ideas and expectations of a startup, can bring the perfect combination when it comes to creating a new and safe product.

All in all, both bigger and smaller companies aim to please the consumer. By making sure that their quality and safety are their number one priority, they contribute to both happier customers and more eco-friendly solutions.

Luisa Brenton is a writer in a variety of venues – academic, business, and online marketing content. She is a frequent contributor to, a review website that evaluates custom online writing services.

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