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Secrets To Mastering The Art Of Sustainable Hunting In 2020

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There are a number of great ways that you can live an eco-friendlier lifestyle. You need to wholeheartedly embrace them to do your part to lower your carbon footprint.

One of the best ways that you can be more sustainable is by finding greener ways to hunt. Hunting by itself can be a greener alternative to eating food from the grocery store. However, you need to find the eco-friendliest practices to reduce your carbon footprint the most.

Finding the Eco-Friendliest Approaches to Hunting Effectively

There are over 15.2 million licensed hunters in the US alone, according to Stacker. If you are one of them, you will agree that hunting is a sport that is evolving. In the past, they didn’t all embrace the environmentally friendly practices that people following an ethical lifestyle prefer. However, this is slowly changing in a positive way.

The latest evolution comes in the form of eco-friendly hunting. So, if you’re aiming to stay true to your eco-friendly principles, you’ll be happy to know that there’s hunting gear to help you stay green and ethical.  One major change is by getting rid of practices of trophy hunting.

Eco-Friendly Cartridges

Of all the registered gun owners in the US, 18% use firearms to hunt, says Professor Paul Niekamp. Regardless of the firearm used, there will invariably be debris left behind after a shot is taken. This debris, which is often composed of plastic, can wreak havoc on the environment. To combat this, a UK company called Gambore has come up with eco-friendly cartridges for hunters. Their cartridges are 100% nontoxic, compostable, biodegradable, and even dissolve in water after a day. If you use eco-friendly cartridges, you can be assured that any debris you leave behind will not have an adverse effect on the ecosystem of the hunting grounds.

Rifle Scopes

Like all living things, animals feel fear and pain. As such, it is the hunter’s job to ensure that their sport is ethical, causing as little fear and pain as possible. Long-range hunting is considered an ethical form of hunting, as the animal in focus does not come into direct contact with the hunter, says Aram von Benedikt. To enable long-range hunting, rifle scopes are needed, as they provide the necessary vision to make a smart shot. Thankfully, you don’t need to spend a lot to be ethical: you can use a rifle scope under $300, and it’ll do the job sufficiently.

Earth-friendly Paw Protectors

When European settlers arrived in North America, they brought their hunting dogs with them, and to this day, the tradition of hunting with dogs is alive and well, according to John Hay-Rabb. If you hunt with your faithful four-legged companion, their paws need to be protected. The trouble is that most paw protectors contain chemicals that aren’t harmful to your dog, but are harmful to the environment. A good way to address this is by using earth-friendly paw protectors that use food-grade wax so that your dog and the land they tread on is protected. 

Eco-friendly and ethical hunting is an initiative that requires commitment, so it’s great that there are a lot of helpful tools that you can utilize to ensure that your hunts are green and ethical. That way, you can fully enjoy your sport and know that you are helping the world as a whole.

Eco-Friendly Hunting is a Beneficial Trend

A lot of things have changed in the war on climate change and other environmental threats. The growing popularity of eco-friendly hunting is an encouraging direction that will benefit the planet for years to come.

Annabelle Short is a writer and seamstress of more than 7 years. When not working, she’s spending time with her family or putting pen to paper for her own personal pursuits. Annabelle is a mother and she likes to make crafts and eco-friendly DIY projects with her two kids. Annabelle is passionate about sustainable sewing and eco-friendly clothing. 

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