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Savvy Entrepreneurs Capitalize Off the Sustainability Movement

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The sustainability revolution is shpaing our world in a spectacular way. Consumers are showing more concern about the future of our environment than ever before. In May 2018, Gallup conducted a poll showing that 62% of people wanted the government to do more to protect the environment. This was the highest rating on that question in 12 years.

However, people don’t just want to lean on the government to handle this. They also expect corporations to do more to help the environment.

Companies that embrace sustainable business practices are going to thrive in the future. How much can going green help a business’s bottom line? A 2017 poll from Unilever showed that a third of customers prefer sustainable businesses. Other polls put that figure as high as 53%.

You can thrive as an entrepreneur by investing in a company that is solely dedicated to green business. How do you go about this?

Choosing the Right Green Business Model

Going green is a big thing these days for everyone. Businesses, in particular, are finding that they need to make some massive changes to live up to the expectations of the sustainability movement.

Recently, HSBC launched a number of initiatives for people thinking of starting green businesses, while places like Liberis are great for those looking to start a green business with bad credit.

If you’re looking to start a green business, we’ve listed four potential ideas for you below.


Making organic food is one way you can start a green business.

Helping you to capitalize on a passion for cooking, you can make everything from organic soup to vegan delights. All of this helps to reduce consumption from larger supermarkets, as friends and others come to you first. It’ll also help to reduce packaging.


One great business idea would be to help other businesses go green themselves by moving into consultancy.

As a green consultant, you’d be able to go into businesses and show them where they could improve to make their business better for the environment, employees and the business in general. You’d then be able to come up with a strategy to help them achieve this through the use of new technologies and even recycling programs.

This business could even be translated into the home, where you’d be able to show people how to make slight changes, from bulbs to using electronics less, to again, make their home greener.


Libraries are closing all over the UK, and at quite an alarming rate. But it doesn’t just have to be a library that sells books.

From DVDs to music and books themselves, setting up a community lending library would help bring people together, while helping to reduce consumption, saving money and energy along the way.


One way to help the environment is recycling. However, people aren’t adopting recycling quick enough to help combat the issues not recycling can cause.

From plastic bottles to cardboard, you could introduce a business where you’ll come and collect these items from people, before taking them to recycling areas. This will help to encourage people to recycle, rather than throw it all in the same bin if they know someone will do it for them.

The best place to start an initiative like this is in a city centre, or somewhere with a large number of apartments, as these places aren’t required to recycle like many towns and smaller areas.

Of course, there are many other ways to start a green business, such as selling household products, however, these may require a better understanding of chemicals. So, if you don’t have expert knowledge in an area, these are great places to start.

Create the Perfect Green Business

Consumers prefer green businesses more than ever these days. If you want to be successful, you need to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability. Make sure that you appreciate the benefits of going green and take the right steps to create a green business model.

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