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Sustainable Rehabilitation Services Are Transforming Healthcare

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We are almost at the end of the first month of the new decade. Many of us made green living resolutions as we head into 2020. JSTOR has a list of some great green living resolutions, which I found inspiring.

People struggling with substance abuse problems can go green and be healthier at the same time by getting treatment. In order to understand the issue better, you need explore the environmental impact of growing drugs. Many rehab facilities are starting to focus on sustainable treatment programs that help the environment by reducing consumption of these toxic substances.

Green living is touching our lives in countless ways. Countless industries that used to be indifferent to the consequences of climate change are starting to embrace more sustainable practices.

The substance abuse rehabilitation industry is among the sectors that is starting to take a more environmentally responsible outlook.

Focus on Environmentally Sustainable Rehabilitation Practices

You can have multiple motives for entering rehab. You can focus on reducing your environmental footprint by consuming less environmentally damaging products and live a healthier lifestyle at the same time.

The purpose of inpatient alcohol or drug rehabilitation center is to treat individuals using proven recovery therapy methods. But, what some individuals need to go through the treatment process depends on several important factors. This is one of the reasons healthcare experts have recently started pushing back against the 12-step programs.

When a person starts the crucial journey of recovery from addiction, a major step is researching the available treatment facilities. An addict, a loved one, or even their healthcare provider could need help evaluating the available centers. When selecting a treatment facility, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits and drawbacks of undergoing rehabilitation away from home.

Advantages of Undergoing Rehabilitation Away from Home

Addicts, alcoholics, and their loved ones can easily go online and find  “AddictionResource information on free drug rehab near me”  to choose from. However, receiving inpatient treatment for alcohol and drug abuse at a licensed center remains the primary recommendation when it comes to recovery. However, it’s crucial to weigh the effects of residential care, as well as, the importance of location.

A person can opt to leave their home to undergo rehabilitation for several reasons. These are the pros of undergoing rehabilitation away from home. And they include the following:


A patient should undergo treatment for addiction at an unknown location, especially if their employment status or reputation can be compromised.

Treatment Type

A patient may need treatment that is not offered by the facilities near their home. A healthcare provider may recommend a specific type of addiction treatment based on their condition. If the recommended treatment is not available or if they need a higher level of care, especially if they have other mental health issues, they may seek treatment away from home. This can be the case when the continuum of treatment services is required to ensure a successful recovery.

Escaping Negative Influences

The environmental factors that an individual is exposed to can serve as catalysts to drug addiction. Behavioral triggers for alcohol or drug use can be prompted by surroundings, people, and circumstances. An individual is, therefore, more likely to undergo complete treatment away from home where these triggers are not present.

Fewer Distractions

A long-distance treatment facility can be secluded and this can feel like a permitted extension of respite to focus on individual well-being and self-care. As such, long-distance free rehab centers provide an escape from daily life challenges. These challenges can arise from toxic workplaces, mundane of doing dishes, and completing domestic chores. Moving away from such challenges that may contribute to addiction can help break the habitual use of addictive substances and the formed behaviors.


A person that uses illicit drugs can also be participating in criminal activities. When they choose a treatment facility that’s located away from home, they can avoid interactions with dangerous criminals. This is important for their safety.

Some people argue that choosing a free drug treatment program away from home can reinforce their commitment to recovery and wellness. Travel expenses and the difficulties of leaving the treatment facility factor into the decisions to stop using addictive substances.

Disadvantages of Long-Distance Rehabilitation

A person can prefer a treatment facility near their home for several reasons other than being closer to family. Here are the major reasons why undergoing rehabilitation away from home is not the best option for some people.

Family Alliance

Research has shown that family plays a significant role in prevention and intervention when it comes to substance use and abuse. It’s, therefore, not surprising that experts continue to highlight the importance of the wellness of the entire family when it comes to addiction treatment. If the loved ones of an addict live near the facility where they seek treatment, visits become more convenient. They can even attend counseling sessions and move with their loved ones as they undergo treatment.

Support Systems

A crucial aspect of the recovery process is having support groups and counselors among other resources that provide guidance, accountability, and reinforcement of sober, healthy choices. This network can be developed via a care facility near the home of an addict. As such, continuing it after treatment becomes easier than starting afresh at a free drug rehab center away from home.

Employment Leave Complications

The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 allows individuals to seek treatment for drug addiction. That means an individual can take an absence leave to undergo treatment. However, some requirements of this act and certain employers can influence the care decision. For instance, they can require a person to undergo short inpatient treatment at a nearby facility and continue their care via an outpatient program.

Insurance Coverage

Commercial healthcare plans are required by the Affordable Care Act to cover addiction treatment. However, the conditions of policies vary from one plan to another and one state to another. The insurance coverage of an individual might not allow them to receive care outside their residential state without significant out-of-pocket expenses.

Evaluate All Resources

To get quality care, it’s to evaluate all available resources. Whether long-distance or local, the success of inpatient care is largely dependent on the customization of the programs. As such, the best addiction treatment programs consider factors like:

  • Unique characteristics of the addiction problem of a person
  • Treatment plan design and purpose
  • Interaction between the healthcare providers at a facility and the individual
  • Availability of the necessary additional treatment solutions to enhance the recovery process.

When selecting a treatment facility, it’s important to ask important questions like:

  • Are the treatment programs of the center designed based on scientific evidence?
  • Are the available treatment plans ideal for the specific needs of an individual and can they adapt as the recovery process of a person progresses?
  • Does the program have a length that is effective for a successful recovery?

The duration of the treatment program can also influence a person’s decision to undergo rehabilitation away from home. For instance, the location of a facility can determine whether the treatment plan should be extended to ensure effective recovery. It can also influence the transition to sober house living for an additional 30 to 60 days.

In a nutshell, several factors determine whether a person seeks free drug addiction treatment from a local facility or away from home. Nevertheless, the most important thing is to choose a facility that suits the specific needs of a person and their loved ones.

Green Rehabilitation Options Are More Popular

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when you are trying to live green. You need to embrace sustainable practices at all times, including when you are going to into rehab. Fortunately, there are a lot of great options for people that are committed to sustainable living while getting treatment.

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