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A Window To Sustainability: How To Use Nature To Lower Utility Usage

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The sustainability movement is making massive progress. People are dedicated to minimizing the fallout from climate change, but they are also looking to reduce their own utility bills. Sustainability is helping them in this regard.

As RedFin points out, the average household uses 10,766 watts of energy a year. Fortunately, this figure can be lowered considerably by utilizing sustainable energy sources.

Sustainability Can Solve the Crisis of Massive Energy Bills

With household bills on the rise, homeowners across the country are always seeking ways to lower their energy costs. Switching providers in the search of savings might make a small change to your monthly outgoings but to really cut back on your expenses, you will need to make long-lasting changes. One of the best places to start is with the energy sources we choose to utilize to power our homes.

Renewable energy sources have come a long way over the last number of years.  Harnessing the natural power of energy has changed how Australians are powering their homes and it’s having a positive impact on the environment too. However, as well as implementing the use of renewable energy sources, it’s also possible to embrace nature to naturally cool and warm our homes. Efficiently using light and airflow can help to make a home more comfortable without costing you any money at all.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few ways that homeowners can reduce their utility bills through natural resources.

Maximize Natural Light

Using natural light can significantly lower your energy bills. One study from DanPal found natural lighting sources can lower lighting costs by 75%. As opposed to relying on artificial light in hallways and foyers, consider installing Velux skylights to provide natural light to these typically dark areas. Skylights are probably one of the best ways to bring natural light into the home. Many of them come in an array of styles and reduce the reliance on electricity during the day.

Create Natural Air Flow

Another way to reduce your reliance on air conditioning is to create natural airflow throughout the home. Installing security doors will allow you to leave your front and back door open during the spring and the summer, allowing the air to circulate better in your home.

Also, you can consider installing ceiling fans in the rooms and leave the doors open during the day. With a combination of increasing airflow and utilizing fans, you can easily create a natural airflow system where natural air circulates and is pushed through the house through ventilation and ceiling fans. On a particularly breezy day, your home can be as comfortably cool as it would be with air conditioning and at a significantly lower cost.

Go Solar

Solar panels have been growing in popularity in recent years with more and more homeowners paying attention to sustainability. Nerd Wallet writes that harnessing solar energy in place of traditional energy sources is one highly effective way to significantly reduce your energy costs. Depending on your state or locality, you might even be able to take advantage of government schemes and incentives for installing these panels.

Install A Rainwater Tank

As opposed to using the mains water to hydrate your plants and garden consider installing a rainwater tank to collect water when it rains. Because this water comes from a natural source, it is the best type of water to use with your garden. What’s more, rainwater won’t cost you anything once you have your collection method set up.

Line Drying

While today’s fast-paced existence might not encourage taking the time to hang clothes on the line, this one change can have a drastic impact on your energy bills. Homeowners can avoid running the dryer, which is notoriously hard on energy and expensive to run. Even if you choose not to dry everything outside, you can still save a lot of money by hanging larger items on the line. For example, bed linen, table clothes, and towels can be hung out to dry, saving space in the dryer for your clothes. With this approach, you can save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Final Thoughts: Use Natural Energy for Massive Savings

Harnessing the power of nature is a great way to save money by exchanging man-made power with natural sources. Whether you choose to make small changes like creating a natural airflow in your home or you choose to make bugger changes such as making the switch to solar power, utilizing natural sources will save you money while at the same time making your home more comfortable for you and your family.