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The Rise of Smart Neighborhoods



With the influx of artificial intelligence and utilizing modern technology in so many aspects of your life, it makes sense that entirely smart neighborhoods, composed of smart homes, can and do utilize technology to everyone’s benefit. 

Smart Homes

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is a smart home? In short, a smart home is one that uses technology to automate certain aspects of running the home through the use of automated technology. 

There are differences and varying levels of ‘smart’ homes. It can be as simple as utilizing a Bluetooth speaker or as involved as having a home built with various features built into the structure itself. If the thought of revolutionizing the homes of the future with such features is something you find intriguing, a master’s in architecture could help you be on your way to shaping the future of homebuilding.


The benefits of having a smart home are not to be taken lightly. By having your home automated, you can save up to 35% on your energy consumption. Not only does that savings benefit the environment but also your pocketbook. The greatest consumption of energy within the home is the cost of heating and cooling. By having the temperature controlled remotely, you are able to adjust the indoor climate to accommodate the people inside and save energy and money by not cooling or heating your home as much if it is unoccupied during the day. 

Security and Upkeep

One of the single most important concerns when in your home is your safety and security. By installing an in-home security system, setting up cameras and having the ability to review them remotely, you can increase your sense of safety. Doorbells with a camera will let you know who is at your door, without you having to open your home up to the unknown variable on the other side. When potential criminals are lurking and evaluating the prospect of victimizing you and/or your property and belongings, noticing your outdoor surveillance system is usually a pretty effective deterrent; thus increasing your overall safety and security. 

Household chores are typically very time consuming and bothersome. With all of the responsibilities that you have daily, if you are able to allocate some of those tasks to someone it will free up time for you to complete other tasks or just take some much-needed time to do other things. Since we have not yet advanced to having the technology that recognizes when you are low on milk and automatically orders a replacement or a washing machine that can be remotely controlled by an app, you have to use the technology that is currently available. One such thing that can help with your housework is the robot vacuum cleaner. Using this machine will let your home be cleaned while you are busy doing other things.

Smart Connections

The list of items that can be attached or set up within your home to help turn it into a smart home is growing. As it stands, you can have your entertainment somewhat automated by the use of smart speaker systems such as Alexa or Google Home. Via these devices, you can control other smart items you have connected such as your thermostat or smart lighting system. Yes, you read right; you can also have smart lighting to control various settings. By staying on top of your energy consumption and setting lights to come on when they’re needed instead of staying on constantly, you are also saving money. 

Regardless of how much or little smart technology you choose to utilize in your home, you will find they can prove to be beneficial by saving both time and money as well as increase your feeling of safety and security.

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