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6 Amazing Tel Aviv Nightlife Destinations For Green Tourists

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Tel Avis has become of the greenest travel destinations in the world. A study conducted by MIT and the World Economic Forum ranked it as the world’s 7th most sustainable city.

If you are a green tourist, you are probably going to consider Tel Aviv as a possible destination for your next trip. If you are holding a wedding reception, then there are plenty of great places to host it. Younger people probably want to check out the night life. The good news is that the people that operate the Tel Aviv nightclubs are also very committed to sustainable living.

Sustainability is the Theme of Many Tel Aviv Nightclubs

Even the most passionate environmentalists deserve a break. If your next tour to Israel brings you to Tel Aviv, you have no excuse not to have a night-out in the party capital of the Middle East. Ranked the greenest city in Israel, Tel Aviv is a true haven for eco-conscious people. This means that you’re gonna have plenty of like-minded people to talk to when you pay this city a visit.

And if you’re going to be there during winter, here are some clubs you need to check out!

The Block

Tel Aviv’s largest nightclub, the Block is meant for those who like to party hard. It’s opened only two days a week, Thursday and Friday, but it offers a truly unforgettable experience. The club opens at 11:30PM and closes the next day at 8AM. If you’re in the mood for all-night dancing session, the Block is the right club for you.

Kuli Alma

Voted the best club in Tel Aviv, Kuli Alma is ideal for party lovers throughout the year. During the hot summer months, it uses a big open area in addition to the closed club space. During winter, the outdoor area is reserved for those who want to have a smoke or chat with people without having to scream their lungs out against the music. They use this setup to avoid unnecessarily wasting energy to keep the club popping.

Speaking of music, Kuli Alma has several stages, each with different music. So, no matter what kind of music you’re into, you’ll probably find something you like here.


Here’s a club that opened only a couple of years ago but is already a landmark on the party map of Tel Aviv. It’s described as the favorite place of Tel Aviv’s hipsters, because it is the place where people can come to chat with their friends, relax, and listen to trendy indie music.  The people that visit are committed to sustainable living, so you know that they won’t be wasting resources during their visit.

On regular days, the club closes at 1AM, but on special occasions it’s open all night. So, if you’re planning to spend the New Year’s Eve in Tel Aviv, it’s good to check out what Kuli Alma has in the offer for the crazy night.

The Prince

Located in the central part of Tel Aviv, the Prince might be the perfect pregame bar. The reason is not only that it offers amazing cocktails and that the atmosphere is relaxed, but it also provides a fantastic view of the city center. Its rooftop area has an indoor seating section where you can drink (and eat!) while watching over the city.

Salon Berlin

Although most young people from Tel Aviv speak at least one other language apart from Hebrew, you might feel more comfortable mingling with expats. And if that’s your plan, you should head to Kerem Hatemanim to a place called Salon Berlin.


Don’t want to spend too much money on your Tel Aviv trip? If so, the solution is to go to Rutina bar in central area of the city. This is one of many bars where you can drink as much as you can for the price of one admission. As soon as you get your bracelet, you’re free to start your binge-drinking adventure.

Visit Tel Aviv to Enjoy the City’s Green Nightlife

Tel Aviv is well known for both its commitment to sustainability and nightlife. The city has lots of great nightclubs for passionate environmentalists. Why not give them a chance?

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