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sustainable homebuyers should consider getting a property in Antalya sustainable homebuyers should consider getting a property in Antalya


Best Places to Buy Eco-Friendly Real Estate In Antalya, Turkey

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Sustainability is becoming a greater focus in most parts of the world. Turkey is one of the countries that has recently stated that it intends to make sustainability a core focus in the years ahead. According to a recent pledge the nation’s government signed, Turkey will strive to reduce greenhouse emissions by 21% by 2030.

Antalya is one of the parts of Turkey that is moving towards a more sustainable future. A recent report showed Antalya is one of three lighthouse cities in MAtchUP that are striving to develop sustainable agendas to promote eco-friendly economic growth.

If you are committed to living a low-carbon lifestyle and thinking about moving to Turkey, then Antalya might be the perfect place for you to live. There are plenty of places in Antalya that sell eco-friendly housing. You will need to choose the best.

Choosing an Eco-Friendly Home in Antalya Can Easily Be Done with the Right Approach

Are you looking to purchase an eco-friendly home in Antalya? Selecting a location for purchasing properties in Antalya comes down to the two following factors: the buyer’s lifestyle and budget. But one thing is certain: the region offers many promising districts for investors and end-users where everyone will be able to choose the best option that suits his or her personal capabilities and preferences.

The province is spreading near the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by mighty mountains. It offers a broad range of modern cities and cozy villages. Keep reading this article to learn more about the top-3 locations in the region.

Frequently asked questions about acquiring an eco-friendly home in Antalya

Since Antalya is moving towards a more sustainable future, this can be a great place for you to buy an eco-friendly home. However, before you start learning about the best locations for housing purchase, check out the frequently asked questions that potential eco-friendly home buyers have:

  1. Is acquiring an eco-friendly property in Antalya a good investment? Yes, if a buyer is looking for a medium or long-term investment, acquiring property in this region will be a perfect solution. The province shows great potential as the second most popular tourist destination in the country. In spite of the fact that the value of the Turkish lira has fallen slightly, this country is still one of the best places for living, generating rental income, and gaining capital. Since Antalya is becoming more focused on sustainability, you should have an easier time selling your home at a profit down the road. The value of eco-friendly properties in Antalya will go up as more environmentally conscious home buyers move to the region.
  2. Who sets the real estate prices in Antalya? The cost of new buildings is defined by developers. If we talk about second-hand real estate, then prices depend on the homeowners. As a rule, agency services cost 4% of the amount (one half is paid by the buyer, the other half to be paid by the seller).
  3. Can foreigners own a home in Antalya? Yes, all foreigners, except citizens of Syria, North Korea, South Cyprus, Armenia, and Cuba, can buy property in Turkey. They do not have access to certain areas, that are military zones. There is a restriction for foreign citizens under which they cannot purchase a residential unit of over 30 hectares.
  4. Can everyone sell properties in Antalya? According to the Turkish legislation, only certified and registered real estate agents can serve as intermediaries and offer brokerage services.
  5. What is a down payment when buying a new building? Is it possible to use the instalment plan? Usually, the buyer pays a reservation fee of  €2,000-€3,000, and then 30% as a down payment within four weeks after the signing of the purchase agreement. Most developers offer flexible installment payment plans as agreed upon during a real estate transaction.
  6. What is the process of purchasing a home in Antalya? After paying the reservation fee  the seller and the buyer contract draw up an agreement that specifies the details of the completion date, payment schedule, terms, and conditions. When both parties to the transaction sign it, the buyer must pay a down payment. Then he applies for a permit to own the property from the security service. After obtaining permission, the buyer must sign the transfer certificate in the presence of the Land Registry Office officer. After that, the officer will register the buyer as the official property owner.
  7. What documents do I need to provide to purchase Turkish property? You will need a passport copy translated into the Turkish language, 4 passport-size photographs, and a Turkish tax number that allows you to purchase property in the name of a foreigner.
  8. Is sustainability really a growing focus in Antalya? Yes. The Antalya Diplomacy Forum even talked at length about the region’s shift towards a green economy during a conference back in March. Antalya is taking many steps to promote sustainability, which is encouraging for green consumers that plan to live there.

Where can you buy a home in Antalya?

After analyzing the infrastructure, transport networks, amenities, and real estate selection in every town of Antalya, Turk.Estate experts concluded that the three following options are the best locations to acquire an eco-friendly home in this sunny region.


Konyaalti is located in the heart of Antalya. Despite the central location, local residents do not suffer from the hustle and bustle. Due to the proximity to the Old Town, they have access to a broad range of shops, bars, restaurants, and banks. A well thought-out transport network connects Konyaalti to other areas. This network is energy efficient, so it is appealing to green consumers in the area.

Thanks to the 7 km long beach with a beautiful view of the mountains, the area has become the center of social life. The location includes many parks, green spaces, and recreational areas. They make it an ideal place for families with children.


Alanya is located in the far eastern part of the region. It is a lively community and an excellent location for a property purchase. Housing units have been particularly popular in Mahmutlar, one of the resort town districts in 10 km away from the center. Its population rises to 60,000 people when vacation home owners and tourists visit the region in the summer time.

The Alanya Council has upgraded the city’s transport network and infrastructure to meet the growing interest in local real estate. In addition to good roads, shops, restaurants, schools, banks, and other facilities for comfortable living, locals have access to a magnificent 5 km beach where they can sunbathe, swim, and practice water sports. Many of these establishments are committed to sustainable business practices, which is another plus for eco-friendly homebuyers looking to live in this area.


While Mahmutlar gets a reputation as a budget-friendly destination for property purchases, Kalkan, on the other hand, is becoming a gem of the Mediterranean and the hub of luxury real estate. The local market has limited apartment options. It mostly consists of big, premium four- to six-bedroom villas with private pools, landscaped gardens, and floor-to-ceiling windows with sea views.

Wealthy foreign buyers purchase prestigious real estate in Kalkan to enjoy the beauty of the local nature all year round. The city consists of six districts, including the Old Town, with its traditional white-stone villas.

Assistance with buying property in Turkey

Highly qualified specialists will offer support during a real estate transaction and help the buyer choose the best residential option in any city of Turkey he would really like to buy a home. Visit the official website of the aggregator and check out the best offers on the Turkish real estate market right now.

Antalya is an Attractive Area for Eco-Friendly Homebuyers Looking to Move to Turkey

Turkey is quickly becoming a model for sustainability throughout Europe. A growing number of eco-friendly consumers are looking to relocate there. Antalya is possibly one of the best places for people seeking to move to this area.