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Blue & Green’s top 10 electric cars: #8 Mitsubishi iMiEV



Blue & Green Tomorrow has compiled a varied list, in both price and performance, of the top 10 commercially available electric cars.

This tiny Mitsubishi is a great alternative to the already quite small models available. Super cheap to run and even smaller than a Nissan Leaf, narrow streets are this supermini model’s forte.

Fitted with quite costly battery technology, the iMiEV is quick to get to 0-30. It does however, have a limited range in comparison to other models and may not be suitable for longer journeys. But with charge ports becoming ever more available, this is likely to be a short-term issue.

With a range of 93 miles and 0-60 in 13 seconds, the Mitsubishi is a performance obsessed car, but capable of conquering those day to day urban commutes in a way that will also see your fuel and running costs significantly lessen.

Currently on sale for: 23,499

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